I have achieved a quite number of things in life at my age of which some I did not expect, but was by God’s mercy, and what I realized is that it is not good to be discriminative when it comes to getting a job because it is from that job that one can advance to another. When I was still a high school student, I used to have money problems.

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My parents used to give me money, but it was never enough for the things I desired. So the only option I had was to look for a part time job; it was not an easy task, but I persevered, not until one day when I got a job. Balancing it with my studies was so challenging because I had to work for nearly six hours every day. In that way, I learned how to manage my time between school and part time job.

Passing my exams

Despite the fact that I was a part timer, I used to read hard because I had promised my parents to get A in my examinations. And when the results came back, I had passed with an A, my parents were so happy for my achievement.

Being the best player during the interschool basket competitions in Chicago

Another achievement I made that am proud of was in sports when I was still in my high school. In my high school, I was in the basket ball team. I used to play forward and a time I was the guard depending on how strong the team we were challenging was because of my height. The coach used to like me due to some factors like; working hard for the team, being obedient and that I could manage to control my teammates. So I was made the captain.

During these competitions, our team managed to reach the finals though we did not win the trophy. We lost by 5 points, putting us in the second position and I was announced the best player of the competition. I did not first believe it but later I did,  and thanked God, the coach and my teammates very much for this achievement.

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