Ghost by Radical Face

11 November 2019

It is not often that you hear an album that is not only pleasant to listen to, but also incorporates life. Ghost is a concept album based on houses retaining stories of things that have happened in them. Some of the stories are even told from the point of view of the house. This is not your normal album about love, loss and conflict. It is filled with beautiful songs about life, some of which are completely instrumentation. This album also incorporates real sounds into the songs. In a normal album, this would sound cheesy, but, somehow, Radical Face makes it work. This album was created by Ben Cooper with collaboration from Emeral Cooper, Mark Hubbard and Alex Cam.
This album starts off gently with Asleep on a Train. Lilting instrumentation merges with a comforting sound of rustling and moving train. With no words, you can easily imagine the picture that this song portrays. This song soon gives way to Welcome Home, easily my favorite song from the album. Welcome Home starts off slowly, but soon has a quick beat with clapping in the background. After the first time you listen to it, you will want to sing along. Song after song, I found myself loving it more and more. The melodies were always beautiful and memorable, and the lyrics and instrumentation just added to the appeal. Though many of the songs had no lyrics, Radical Face did a great job or portraying the scene. I had no problem, throughout the entire album, figuring out what image that they were trying to portray. This Album was plain and simple amazing.

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