Ghost Opera by Kamelot

7 July 2019

First Kamelot review. Kamelot is a symphonic metal band out of Tampa, Florida, USA, in other words, my birth-state, and I’m still here too. These guys have been around for almost 20 years and counting. Ghost Opera is their 2007 album, right after The Black Halo. Consisting of the average 11-12 song amount, this an album of amazment. I love this album. It’s in my Top 10 metal albums too. Now, let’s get to the setlist, shall we?

Tracklist: 1 Solitare, this is an intro track but it does lead into the next track. It’s only a minute long but it works, exponentally. It may be nothing special from a normal standpoint, but it is an amazing prologue to the rest of the album.

Ghost Opera by Kamelot Essay Example

Track 2: Rule The World, similar to the 12 step suite, and, oh, I don’t know, every other transistion ever made this runs into Solitare. The song is addicting to listen to. The lyrics are also the main selling point for this song. Man, so many good things here in this one song.

Track 3: Ghost Opera, this is one of the more famous tracks off of the album. It even has a Music Video to boot. This deserves the attention it gets, and why not? It has everything you expect out of song that sounds like it. The song talks about a haunted opera, though the music video depictes it to be more of a play. Oh, well. Either way it is frightenly awesome.

Track 4: The Human Stain, on the topic of popular songs, here is another one. This is one of my personal favorites. It’s even in my Top 10 favorite songs. I guess the song talks about the sadness of fate and how if you try to undo it, your left with bigger. and more brutal, fate. This song would be perfect for Shadow Of The Colossus. Wander tries to undo fate and not being a true man, so then he turns into a baby. Yeah, yeah, spoiler alert but it is 8 years old. Get over it.

Track 5: Blucher, the only song title in a Europian languge, likely German. But the song is in English, no duh. I would say this is one of the weaker ones but still cool. I don’t mind this song at all. It is a welcome addition to the album.

Track 6: Love You To Death, the only ballad on the album. This is my official favorite song on the album. It peaks Number 2 on my Top 100 favorite songs, second to Octavarium by Dream Theater. This is beyond amazing and I think this would be a great song to check out if you are starting out. This also has a music video, that is a minute shorter than the true song. Overall, I will gush all I want with this masterpiece.

Track 7: Up Through The Ashes, a great song to check out, though kind of hard to find on YouTube. Well, you can always buy the album. Anyways, this song is amazing and if you don’t like it for whatever reason, well, no need to go and hate someone about it, see this is why we have opinions, therefore it’s OK to critisize and give tips on how to be a little better on a third person perspective. I personally think it is better than the next one though, and you will be suprised by what it is. Three Two One….

Track 8: Mourning Star, thats right it is arguably the most famous song of all if Kamelot’s history. Flame Shield, Activate! This song is one of those songs that consistently get worse, just not bad enough for you to ever hate it. Maybe because I’ve heard so many times, that it is sickening, but whatever it is, It doesn’t work. No wonder this is so popular.

Track 9: Silence of the Darkness, I remember listening to this song when I took what I call an “album preview” which is where I listen to the entire album the first time but not really listen to the song so much. After that I get a little more serious. I do think this is a little weak but like Blucher it is welcome.

Track 10: Anthem, not to be confused with Iced Earth’s Anthem, this a wonderful song in GRATEFUL need of attention. Check it out, you will enjoy it.

Track 11: EdenEcho, yes that’s how you spell it apperently. But this isn’t really bad at all. Though it does stand as my least favorite song of the album. This sounds more like a Black Halo song to me. I won’t say it’s welcome, because it isn’t to me.

Well, that’s all, my next review will be Are You Dead Yet? by Chidren Of Bodom. 9.5/10.

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