Ghostface Killah – Supreme Clientele

6 June 2019

The new Ghostface Killah album,”Supreme Clientele” is one of the better albums to come fromthe Wu-Tang Clan since the release of “Bobby Digital” by theRZA in 1998. Ghostface is a member of the Wu-Tang Clan, who are knownfor extensive rhyming and different beats they putdown.

Ghostface lives up to his fellow clan members and more byusing new beats put together by the RZA. Ghostface also does a good jobmixing the slower, more meaningful rhymes and the fast-paced ones thatpull you in. Some of the tracks off the album that do a good job are”Ghost Deni,” “Apollo Kids,” “The Grain,””Buck 50,” “Child’s Play” and “Wu Banga101.”

Ghostface also uses a lot of cameos. Method Man spitshis rhymes on a couple of tracks and the RZA, who should be given creditfor producing the album, also graces us with his presence. GZA, anothermember of the Wu-Tang Clan, gives us some of his smooth lyrics.

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Redman,one of the best rappers in the business who will say anything (no matterwhat) as long as it flows, also contributes. So if you have been dyingto hear something new from the Wu-Tang, go out and get GhostfaceKillah’s “Supreme Clientele.”

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