Give Advice to a Business Visitor to Your Country

1 January 2017

SaharaI would like to say if anybody comes in our country, it’s our duty to ensure that when they go back they say it was a good country to visit and the people were also good, helping and polite. So I will start by giving you some Moroccan specialties and show the way of life in Morocco. First, let’s begin with the gift-giving. Moroccans like to get to know you before giving or receiving gifts. You should wait until after the first meeting to present a gift. When you are invited to a Moroccan’s home, you should bring a gift for the hostess. Gift of pastries, nuts or flowers are appropriate, then you mustn’t open a gift when received.

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Second, for women, being professionally dressed for business could be a business suit, dress or pant suit while still ensuring that you covered down to the below the knee and most of the arm. For men, a dark colored business suit is appropriate. Third, the conversation in Morocco is a bit different as we discuss more about daily life, movies, series and football, Moroccans love football and support for the two biggest Spanish clubs is high here with a lot of rivalry. Also a greeting from a Moroccan will be a handshake at the first meeting and until they get to know you.

Once a relationship has been established the greeting will be a kiss on both cheeks. What more can I tell you about my country. Oh I forgot to tell an important thing, if you are invited to a Moroccan’s home you should always remove your shoes before entering and you must eat from the section of the bowl that is immediately in front of you. Finally, traditionally, the left hand is considered unclean and the right hand should be used for pretty much everything. Do not gesture or eat with your left hand, even if you are left handed. That’s all what you have to know about Morocco, you are welcome and make yourself at home.

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