Glad You Came to America by The Wanted

11 November 2019

Since the early 2000s, boy bands have fizzled out with the desire to wear ponchos and overalls. The pop music scene said “Bye, Bye, Bye” to NSYNC, and “Quit Playing Games” with the Backstreet Boys. It wasn’t “The Hardest Thing” to turn down 98 Degrees and New Kids on the Block stopped trying to take it “Step by Step”.

The younger pop music market has tried to bring back the screaming teen sensations of boy bands with the Jonas Brothers from Disney and Big Time Rush from Nickelodeon. While both did well for a while, neither could hold on to the stardom to create a lasting fan base.

Glad You Came to America by The Wanted Essay Example

Hoping to break this pattern, The Wanted, broke out on the British music scene in 2010. Composed of five British and Irish members, they have reached immense fame in Europe but are only just now breaking out in America.

Their American debut began with a performance on the Ellen Degeneres Show in January, where they performed their most popular hit in America, “Glad You Came.”
America really proved to be glad they came, as well since the song has been climbing the iTunes top-ten ever since and currently rests in the teens position.
Since their television debut, the band has been featured by Ryan Seacrest on his radio show and Chelsea Handler on her night time talk show, “Chelsea Lately.”

The Wanted, which includes Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker, and Nathan Sykes, recently completed a short tour of the US, hitting cities such as San Diego, Orlando, and New York with both live performances and radio gigs.

Since their start, the band has opened for Brittney Spears in England, and Justin Bieber in Brazil although their touring is mainly in Great Britain where they already have a large following. The band is still trying to make a name for itself in America.

This could be aided by the Feb. 6 announcement that “Glad You Came” will be featured on Fox’s “Glee,” which is also a popular show in Great Britain.

The up-and-coming band has released two albums in the UK since 2010, but neither has been released to the U.S. However, the album can be purchased on their website and, but prepare for a few weeks of shipping and a possible elevated shipping fee.

Until the albums are released in the US, fans can get their Wanted fix with their YouTube channel which features a handful of music videos and other behind the scenes extras plus a multitude of videos filmed from the road, the studio, and the stage.

The Wanted is a fun outlet for long, sunny car drives or the club, but may lack the seriousness desired by more mature listeners. However, when one is in the mood for something catchy and carefree, The Wanted is an easy reward.

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