Glass Castle by Jenette Walls

2 February 2017

Even though Rex and Rose Mary’s lives were unstable at times, they would instill lessons into their children.

Their philophies in life I believe relied on one another, which taught their children some valuable morals. Wall’s parents’ philosophies on life was to encourage self-sufficiency, self-reliance, to dream big, live life to its extent and to embrace life fearlessly. Even though the parents believed in these standards, they never truly lived by the above. Rex and Rose Mary Walls always tried to encourage self-sufficiency in their children.Even though the book portrays her parents as greedy, evil people, they taught Jeannette how to live her life for the better. All the family members were determined on being happy in life. Even though Rex always came home drunk and abused his children, he later on gets his life back on track, when his children are living on their own.

Glass Castle by Jenette Walls Essay Example

Rose Mary panhandles for money along the streets with many other citizens from the community. She searches through garbage cans when unstable, just to see if she can scrounge any items that might be convenient.Sometimes the family lives out on the streets, being asked if they need any help by total strangers, but Jeanette’s parents refuse. Through these actions, evidence can be seen that children who are struggling with poverty can try to accomplish self-sufficiency and live a better life in the future. Even though their parents might never succeed in life, later on they realize how their actions shaped their children’s bright future. Jeanette’s parents also instill in their children the idea of self-reliance. The horrible childhood Jeanette lived made her a much stronger human being in the end.

Rose Mary transpired one event of abusive actions, which lead the result of her actions to tumble upon her children. This event is known as, the chocolate incident, where Rose Mary hid candy. She was so ignorant of not sharing any with her starving children. The consequence of her actions, forced her children to scrounge the house for food. In the very beginning of the memoir, Jeannette is so hungry that she hopes that her mother realizes that she hasn’t had anything to eat for hours. Her mom ignores her child, which Jeannette then takes it upon her own shoulders to cook herself a hotdog.When her mom sees that Jeanette is preforming the task, she is so delighted of her daughter’s actions.

Even though Jeannette’s father comes home drunk some evenings he shows through one strenuous lesson about self-reliance. One late evening, he wakes his children up to tell them they are leaving their home. While packing they are only allowed to bring the needed essentials. The most important items to Rex, was an iron skillet, a Dutch oven, plates, knives and his pistol. Rose Mary immediately starts to dig in the back yard, for some money that she hid awhile back.One of the items that was most important to Jeannette was her black mutt, Juju. After a few days of traveling, Jeannette’s father abandons the dog.

Jeannette is in total disbelief and her emotions begin to be on the brink. She soon learns how to have confidence in herself, while not relying on others in times of sorrow. Jeannette’s parents teach their children to dream big. Jeannette’s mom who has a desire to be an artist and writer tries her best to do so. In times when she is not an addict, she was focused on achieving her dream, but never embraces being a parent.Rose Mary can be known as an “excitement addict”. When she cooked a meal for her family, the mission had to fulfilled in at least fifteen minutes.

She knew if she forced on her dream, she knew the painting she would create would last forever. Not providing for her family with a concrete occupation resulted in running out of money. When money ran scarce, they retreated to the mining town of West Virginia. Moving happened often, because the romance of the wandering life faded away. Rex never tried in his power to escape from being penniless. The only solution he figured out was to steal money from the grocery store.When he followed through with this action, he disappeared for days not allowing the money to be used for his family.

One immense dream, Rex had been living in a glass castle, where he would see all the imperfections of the world. Jeannette’s parents tried to embrace in their children, to live life to its extent. As you can imagine, the parents lived mostly on the wild side. Rose Mary, a drug addicts who worries about herself constantly. She endlessly searches through garbage and panhandles for money, usually forgetting everything that is occurring at the exact moment.If her children are hungry, she does not take it upon herself to cook a meal. Rose Mary’s actions are the way they are because she tries to make the best of her life.

The Wall’s children father is drunk about everyday. He never tries his hardest to make sure that money doesn’t run low, which by making an assumption any money he has is used instead to buy alcohol. How is he supposed to save money; use it for his family’s well being if he uses the money for a reason, which is not healthy at all for himself. He never tries his hardest to provide for his family’s well being.By every lesson the children learn along the way, their parents always try to plant sentiment behind it. Their mother always seems to have a philosophical way of answering ones questions, such as on page 105. Rose Mary mentions, “Don’t worry, God understands.

He knows that your father is a cross we must bear”. Rex on the other hand has a very distinctive outlook on life and the universe in general, such on page 61. Jeannette’s states, “Dad told us that zone was know in physics as the boundary between turbulence and order.It’s a place where no rules apply, or at least they haven’t figured it out yet”. The phases place a meaning in the children’s lives to live life to its fullest extent. If person today, grew up in a rough childhood, they would probably try to learn from experience and try to fulfill their life to its extent. Jeannette’s parent s also embraces in their children to live life fearlessly.

Even though her parents risk their life, somewhere in their hearts they must not want their children to live this way when they are on their own.By the parents living on the wild side, it helped the children to become stronger indivuals. Being stronger human beings they were eventually able to follow their dreams and reach the end goal. Jeannette being abused emotionally and physically during her childhood, she continued her life by looking up, instead of looking down. Jeannette’s tried to look on the bright side of the situation, hoping that someday the life she dreamed would be superior. These experiences made her gain more self-confidence and help to grow as a human being. In the memoir, Jeannette gives us a compehensinable deal about poverty and living on the edge.

In the end she always tries to set the highest intention for herself and accomplishing great deeds in life. Accomplishing great adventure in your life truly happens for Jeanette and her siblings. Their fathers teaching them to set high goals and reach for the dream, helped in the long run for them to achieve the greatest life possible. Rex was a terrible father in many ways, once Jeanette and her siblings moved to New York and being living great lives; he finally realized how poor of a father he really was for his own children.What the Wall’s children were able to accomplish, despite the hardships they went through as children, Rex was proud of their accomplishments. Right now, Jeannette has her own house is married to the writer John Taylor. She is currently living her dream.

Mostly importantly she is a famous author, who put her story on paper to share with all, what dysfunctional families really do go through. From Rex’s realization he tries to stop being a catholic, but he later dies of a heart attack. Rose Mary’s seeing her children’s lives, tried to get her life back on track.In the end everyone finds the true means of being happy, even though life was tough in the past. Rose Mary and Rex try to instill their philophies in life to their children. They accomplish this through lessons, which make the children learn from the experiences growing up. Their values of life are pretty much the same, which relies on one another to make it happen in the end.

Their ways of life is not to be materlisc, dream big, live life fearlessly, self-reliance and self-suffiency.

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