Glimpse Into the Mind of a Genius

4 April 2015
A discussion of the works of the author Vladimir Nabokov.

This paper gives a brief history of the life of the author Vladimir Nabokov and analyzes its effect on his writings which are perceived to be semi-biographical. Vladimir Nabokov wrote about the world in which he lived, the first half of the twenty first century and the central theme of his works, death.
“Nabokov’s literary style builds rich characters in a short period of time. We get to know their inner thoughts with very few words. Nabokov gives us a brief, but in depth look into a particular moment in his character’s lives. His style is soft and flowing until the very last sentence, when he very abruptly slips in a plot twist in the last line. “Revenge” and “Conversation Piece, 1945″ are works which illustrate this style clearly.”

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