Global Benefits of New Technologies

This paper looks at the advantages of new modern technologies.

This 5-page essay describes some of the “new” technologies and their global benefits. It also attempts to look at ways in which it can become possible for these technologies to benefit each and everyone of us living on this planet, and not just a privileged few. The IT revolution has changed the way we store and transmit data; the Internet has revolutionized the way we can access information; breakthroughs in bio-technology promise new hope for medical cures and nano-technology will change the way medicine is practiced.

From the paper:

“Technology has played a crucial role in human development and progress throughout history. Ever since our first human ancestors fashioned the rudimentary stone tools used for hunting about 2.5 million years ago, man has striven to use technology for his benefit. Over the centuries, tremendous innovations were made in agriculture, medicine, energy, manufacturing, and communications but none of these innovations had quite prepared us for the astonishing pace of development in technology that has been witnessed in the last few decades.

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Global Benefits of New Technologies
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Rapid strides made recently in “new technologies” such as information and communications technology, biotechnology and nanotechnology have opened up possibilities for development and increase in quality of life never imagined before.”

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