Global Innovation’s Challenges

1 January 2017

Global Innovation’s Challenges Based on the case, Peter Vyas had a hard time to decide whether he will support or reject their request for the $2 million in funding for RIMOS. Vyas and his team still believe that the product will be successful despite of the failures they encountered during the product’s development. Peter has Strong Leadership character.

He Immediately focused on fixing low morale and growing turnover and carefully selecting entrepreneurial minded individual to fill up the gap created prior to his taking this role. Vyas was successful at keeping his team engaged throughout the planning and development stages of their new product. Cynthia Jackson, Vice President Water Management Division, is also looking forward with the RIMOS project although she heard lot of negative comments from other managers about the Filtration Unit.

She also helped the team to solve some issues that might lead to failure of the product for the third time.

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She is very specific in some points in the proposals in each phase. She throws questions and challenge the team but she do express her concerns and ideas. The team made a three-phase process proposal as what Jackson has been ordered or challenged. On the first phase which is about the General Product Concept and Market Analysis, the team failed to indicate data on their target markets.

Their proposed retail price which is $2000 for RIMOS is expensive. Many people can’t afford to buy the product. On this phase, Jackson requested the team to reduce the production cost. In the second phase, the team started to design the actual product. They made more efficient designs at the same time decreases the manufacturing costs. On the third phase, the team

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