Globalization and culture

6 June 2016

The article “Globalization and Local Culture” written and published The Levin Institute, of the State University of New York discusses the effects of globalization on local cultures around the world. The article states that as globalization is increasing day by day, the government and people are getting more concerned about their local cultural values. Globalization has not only provided people with different varieties of products but it has also threatened local production and traditional producers. The exposure to different cultural products has changed local cultures. The terms and examples used in the article are effective and persuasive such as Americanization and McDonalization.

The diction which are used by writer in the article were very good. The expression “Americanization” states how the similarity of the world cultures revolves around American culture. American culture has largely affected all the cultures of the world because most of the multinationals are American. In the past, the food of a country represented their culture but with Americanization, the food of many countries has changed. Not only food, but it has also affected the eating habits of different cultures. As in Pakistan, people don’t have the concept of take away deliveries. They sit together and enjoy the food but with the increase of Americanization, now people take away their deliveries and eat it on the road or during work.

Globalization and culture Essay Example

The term “McDonalization of Society” used by the Ritzer (a sociologist) in the article means that the world is being lead more by fast-food restaurants. According to statics, in the last fifty years McDonalds has opened 31000 new restaurants worldwide. The statics, dates and the credibility of the Ritzer confirms the authenticity of the figures. He argues that the impact of globalization leads to global uniformity which includes local habits and tradition.

But some countries, such as China have expressed a negative reaction to it. People heavily protested against one branch of Starbuck which was located in Beijing which results into the shutdown in 2007.Another effect of Americanization reminded me of the cultural values of Pakistan. Before globalization, Pakistan had a concept of cohabitate family system in which the grandparents live with all their sons and their wives and children. But as the influence of Americanization increased, the cultural value has been lost in most of the urban areas. There are now retirement homes for the grandparents.

Writer says that it is justified for the government to be concerned about local culture habits but their attempt to intervene in the functioning of the market is incorrect. Government can stop the exposition of other cultures in their society but it cannot stop its influence. It’s better to give all the options to the people and ask them to make the best choice. For instance, the Chinese government can ban Facebook in their country by limiting people’s choice, but when an international Chinese student goes anywhere around the world he will likely open a Facebook account.

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