Globalization and International World Order

This paper discusses the globalization trend that is attracting mass media attention because it has been considered a social and political evil

This paper explores the concept of globalization, and its affect on international world order. The author suggests that globalization is now having a negative effect upon the United States by its blurring of international borders, and as a result is placing Americans all over the world at risk for attack by people and countries who do not like western values.

From the paper:

“Globalization today has become a threat to identity, culture, values, norms and traditions that set one nation apart from the other. While the supporters of Globalization are of the view that it is extremely important for the world to unite as one nation with a global economy, they have failed to understand that basic human psyche is such that man wants to have an identity of his own.

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Globalization and International World Order
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This is the primary reason why people are raising voice against this phenomenon, which has been the product of capitalism. We need to understand here that globalization has been criticized and condemned not only because of the economic problems it creates, but also because of the fact that it is due to the presence of similar commodities in every part of the world that local values of each nation are being threatened.”

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