Globalization and poverty

To some level is refereed as ‘globality in the field of global economics that is mostly characterized as interconnected market that is not hampered by national boundaries. On the other hand, poverty is defined as a condition a community or a person lacks the essential needs to enjoy a minimum standard of living in the society (Ruth 2004). Globalization, poverty is the interconnection of global and lack of basic needs that affect people cross the world.

The global issues affecting developing countries that cut across the political, social, environmental and economic postulates. Globalization process For decades, the world increasingly interconnected via rocketing of trade and exchange of different cultures among different nations in the world. Majorly the main booster of globalization has been a massive production of goods between the developed countries and those in the third word catching up with the process. For instance the so called national firms are termed as multinational corporations all the as a result of globalization.

The process of globalization critically is viewed to rise mainly because of the following reasons for the last century, Malnight (1992). This includes i. The Multi- Company operations globally it. The increase of international trade iii. Movement of goods , capital and services is standardized lv. Some companies like McDonalds and Starbucks have been recognized. v. The art of cultural change v’. Academic exchange programmes that bring different races together. vii. International diplomacy among different world nations. However this process is still rising, some challenges are experienced by some nations and individuals.

Either in business, economy and the emerging environmental issues that need to be addressed like the case of global warming, cyber crimes, trade embargos and weakening currency in some nations that clearly push for unavoidable poverty. Globalization and Imperialism history This process by many scholars’ approaches is viewed differently to some extent it is difficult to distinguish if it is a new form of imperialism that was seen in the past but now termed globalization. To crack the nut, imperialism is a complete dominance of state policies, power, acquiring of territories to gain politically and economically.

Yet globalization is Just a process of connecting states to gain economically, power and cultural exchange. However, critically globalization is a renewed imperialism that has dominance without the use of power but diplomacy and trade. Countries that make the great eight nations globally have dominated the trade and military power that push up the poverty among the third world countries among the being them being the sub Saharan African. For instance among the great nations, their currency is superior and thus dominating the global market, Petras and Veltmeyer (2002).

A arrel is sold in terms of dollars globally unlike any currency that feature in power and brutality to acquire or dominate people by oppressing is dated back five decades ago. This is not globalization but it has sourced for it is the origin. For instance Britain had colonies in Africa where it dominated and exploited to get natural resources and manpower in past centuries. This continued for decades until these states became independent democratically but ever dependant economically. The foreign aids, donations and military support clearly show global diplomacy unlike he imperialism in the past but with similarities in it.

Imperialism was the most powerful force in history that was noted in the world, some continents like Africa were oppressed and their citizens. To some media, this act has been criticized and even seen as satanic as empires termed as commonwealths, colonies changed to be territories or at time dominions like Australia today. Change emerges as the dominated countries or states are represented internationally in global business Lehmann (2006). This is the act of globalization to let go the bad history of imperialism. Is globalization a new form of imperialism?

The comparison between the two principles has raised different fierce disagreements by different scholars in the historical area of thought. US imperialism relationship to that of globalization is a challenging area to analyze mainly because of the two main reasons. First is the disagreement between different scholars them differing whether the United States is an imperialist in terms of power. The second part is if globalization and imperialism are progressive and what are the dangers they portray to the international society?

Dating the protests that occurred among the Great 8 nations about the Iraq War at he summit, it indicated that imperialism and globalization are not confined to scholar’s views. The United States is a super power and to some extent its decisions cannot be questioned if its security is under threat or has something to gain from the targeted territory. To argue, the state of globalization if embraced is above the US imperialism synonym Appelbaum (2005) Concurrently, the most common definition of globalization is the deepening, widening and speeding up interstate interconnections worldwide.

This includes all aspects of human life that is, spiritual, cultural and contemporary social life. From the extent of globalization, someone can question if globalization has contributed to global spreading of information? The ideas, movement of people and money. The contested concept types of globalization The term globalization in the larger sense is defined as the spread of political, economic and cultural values among different countries. To deepen the meaning by example, the products are designed in a country, manufacturing is done in the other country and the end products are sold to the other third country.

This is through the international business navigation by individuals or governments. Via this example and explanation, globalization has been classified into different categories, Pablos (2011). i. Globalization of communication – long before the introduction of phones, the passage of information from one place to the other was a big challenge. However as time has gone by, currently people are privileged to pass information from one part of the world to the other in a freak of a second.

The introduction of phones, internet and cables that convey the information very first thus making the world a small place. Indeed globalization has shortened the distance between nations hence bout globalization in relation referring to economic globalization basically this happens in the multi-national corporations that do their business across borders Pablos (2011). When you buy a phone in manufactured in China and yet you are from Canada this shows a chain of global trade resulting from economic globalization.

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