9 September 2017

: & # 8220 ; The Road Not Taken & # 8221 ; Essay, Research Paper

Brought to a deadlock at the presence of a intersection, the talker of Robert Frost & # 8217 ; s & # 8220 ; The Road Not Taken & # 8221 ; is left to contemplate which way to travel. After careful review of both paths, the talker comes to the decision that neither way presents a more appealing enterprise in front. Of the two agencies of travel, the talker asserts that & # 8220 ; the passing there/Had worn them truly about the same & # 8221 ; ( lines 9-10 ) and & # 8220 ; both that forenoon every bit lay/ In leaves no measure had trodden black & # 8221 ; ( lines11-12 ) . Missing an expressed solution to the quandary, the talker is left to contemplate any hereafter effects based on an at hand determination of taking one route over the other. As a consequence, the talker comes to footings that his concluding finish is bound entirely by opportunity and pick, but he anticipates an at hand feeling of sorrow for non going the other path & # 8217 ; s class.

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Infused with the expectancy of compunction, Frost & # 8217 ; s work portrays the cosmopolitan question saying a different possible result if another path was taken of equal uncertainness. Even the rubric suggests this feeling of uncertainty, where the route non taken is mentioned with greater case in point than the existent class of travel.

Missing the opportunity to “travel both/ And be one traveler” ( lines 2-3 ) , one way must work as the chosen manner and the other the other manner, both with no indicant of which is the better to go. Therefore, one time the chosen manner is traveled, the other manner holds a persistent reminder of what may hold been lost purely by opportunity. After a foreseeable self-evaluation of the speaker’s life, seeking to find if he took advantage of all available chances is perceived as a daunting challenge for there will ever be an ambiguity lingering around the other way. However, the talker anxiously comes to footings with world, finally finding the futility of contending on affairs of the imaginativeness. Therefore, “with a sigh” ( line 16 ) , the talker proclaims that he took advantage of the chances to the best of his ability as they were presented to him, despite those of opportunity. In consequence, taking the chosen way has “made all the difference” ( line 20 ) . That peculiar determination determined the speaker’s overall class in life to the consequence that the other path could hold directed the talker to walk in the complete opposite way of his concluding finish.


The Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost

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