GMO Reaction Paper

6 June 2016

Genetically modified organisms are created mainly with a purpose to lessen world hunger and poverty in the world especially the malnourished children. Nearly a million children die every year because they are weakened by Vitamin A deficiencies and an additional 350,000 go blind. While, the only problem is the strength and power of the government to start-up or maintain the process of distribution of GMO’s in their country.

The Philippines is just the best place to begin the circulation of these GMO products. One of the most recent products introduced or is currently tested is the GMO rice. On the month August this year, a rage happened in the province of Camarines Sur where group of people including teachers, students, and farmers protest to stop the testing and delivery of Golden Rice. Golden Rice is GMO product containing the nutrients like vitamin A. It is a product for which it will stop the blindness of children in the world. But, the Filipino Farmers are just so angry to prevent this GMO product to taste our tongues.

GMO Reaction Paper Essay Example

And this is a very unethical move based on research almost a greater number of countries are accepting the Golden Rice every year. The certain people who protested three months ago have no enough bases to stop the operation of our government. First of all, our government just started to test these crops in a rice field, with a very secure environment, includes fences, nets, and has never been touched by animals, pests or even by human contact. Second, the government or the product itself has a good objective: to help people. Our government also declared that it will be easier for farmers to assess their fields with these products because it will not be time consuming or space consuming and or demands fewer growth needs.

And lastly, the risk of using these products is just a very rare case like allergies which can be treated as soon as possible and not lethal. I think that it is just the drama that runs through the veins of those who hinder or wants to hinder the process of distribution of this product.

Indeed, our nation is not that ready to accept the development of GMOs. It is really bad for our countrymen, since we are facing poverty as our primary problem. I suggest that our government should stand powerful to continue the development of GMOs because there are a thousand of positive results in the world of using GMOs. And to add up, there is a continuous study to improve GMOs all over the world. I think our government should strengthen and spread the information of GMOs, of how it works, and what are results, etc. For the problem with the citizens of our country is the lack of information, and people will just resort to gullibility of knowing that it is just a piece of poison and will just merely affect (in their minds) their financial status.

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