Goals for the future

3 March 2019

Over the Corse of my high school year I have had many different goals but the main goal that Iā€™m still working at is to keep up on track with my work. I believe that this goal has helped me a lot because with this goal Iā€™m able to do more than one thing. Iā€™m able to first know what I have turned in and what work I have to turn in still. With this goal I also know how to show my teachers in case my work is lost that I did turn in so I can get my points.

When I graduate from high school I want to be in the medical field like a registered nurse and with this goal I know that I will be able to reach my career goal. I also think that with this goal it will help me not only to graduate from high school but also from college and go with me throw out my career as a registered nurse.

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I can use this goal to be on top of my work and know what patients I have helped and also be able to know what patient I still need to help.

As you can see I look at my goals as a system, a system that revolves around me and my life. One goal can make all my life really easy. I will be able to take challenging courses and still be able to pass them. I will also go to college and use my goal to do well in college and not get caught behind on schedule. And last I will be able to graduate college and go to the career that I want and use that same goal to be great at what I love to do which is to interact with the patients and be able to make their horrible visit a nice stay to make sure they forget about the health problems they might have. If I could give everyone one tip it would be to make one goal that works for you and your life that you can stay with you for a long time that you can use and re-use.

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