God in the Stars

6 June 2019

Art and creativity are an essential part of life. Whether I understand it or do not, art almost always makes me see something in it, I am sure that most peoplehave seen“Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh.I chose this painting because it is very popular and I have always thought it was worth looking at and noteworthy. I also chose to write about this painting because I know that it is unknown as to why Van Gogh painted this, even though the painting is so widely known.
When I first look at this painting, I get a gloomy feeling from the dark colors. But I also feel happy because of the yellow used. I can tell that it is nighttime because of the moon and the dark sky, but the yellow stars glow up the little town down below. The painting would smell like a fall night. It just gives me a certain vibe of the wind running through my fingers.There is a church and houses in the town. To the left there is a large, tall, and dark figure. It is most likely supposed to be some sort of tree.
I think that Vincent Van Gogh purposely made this painting mysterious and wanted the people that saw the art to interpret what it means in whatever way they think. I think that he wanted it to be gloomy and sad and wanted us to try and figure out what the figure is on the side and why there was a town below. This painting looks like it is alive. It is almost as if I jumped into the painting and can hear the wind in the puzzling sky.
I think that there is more to this painting than whatis showed. I think that every aspect of the painting is acting as an aspect of life. For example, the large dark figure/tree, is like a person because it is the main point of the picture and it is imperfect just like every person is. The stars in the sky are like that person’s good qualities that they have in life.They are all being swirled around because each quality is important and blend together perfectly to create a person’s personality. And the moon at the top right is like God. I see that as being God because it is up in the sky and is bright in the town that is dark. Just like how in real life, when there are dark times in life, God and having faith in him, can make those dark times brighter and not as dark. I like thinking that because to me God is the higher power we have on this Earth.
My faith in God is very important to me. A good example would be when I moved to a new school. As you can imagine, I had so many worries and thoughts going through my head all of the time. I did not think that the first day of school would ever come, but then it did. I just remember that whole morning and night before, I prayed and talked to God. I really do believe that everything has a reason so I kept that in mind. Walking in those school doors felt less scary if I imagined God holding my hand and assuring me that I was going to be fine.
Lastly, thetown at the bottom is everything that is going on in life and all of the chaos in life. But all of that stuff doesn’t really impact the picture all that much. It shows that if you just focus on God and your good qualities, you will be okay.

God in the Stars Essay Example

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