Golden Plaza Hotel

8 August 2016

Analysis of Problem: Sandra Wilford has been appointed GM at the Golden Plaza Hotel in San Francisco, she was previously assistant manager at the organizations Denver hotel which was recognized as having the top customer satisfaction ratings due to its exceptional teamwork. The organization has appointed Sandra as GM to develop and strengthen teamwork among the employees in hopes that it will reduce turnover and increase its market share. It is going to be a difficult task for Sandra because of specific complaints that employees have stated about their reluctance towards teamwork.

Employees have stated that they are unable to dedicate time to teambuilding because of outside commitments, others have said education levels, independent workers, distrust in management, and previous team failures contribute to their lack of teamwork. Sandra needs to address the problem by promoting teamwork at the Golden Plaza Hotel. Recommendations: As GM, Sandra Wilford needs to promote teamwork at the Golden Plaza Hotel to reduce the employee turnover rate and increase the hotels market share.

Golden Plaza Hotel Essay Example

The employees at the Golden Plaza Hotel need to improve quality quickly by increasing its strength as a unit and strengthening their relationship with the organization and its goals. Sandra needs to have employees understand the need for teamwork and the positive effects of teamwork. There are many steps to developing a successful team, all employees need to be focused on a clear goal, have clear communication, develop an improvement plan, understand team behaviors, and use the scientific approach when solving problems.

However, teamwork among the employees needs to have the support of the organization. Therefore, resources needed to accomplish the task must be provided as well as quick responses to proposals submitted by the team and recognition for accepted proposals. If Sandra is able to develop and implement the teamwork plan and have it reciprocated successfully by the employees the Golden Plaza Hotel will be successful at reducing employee turnover rate and increase the hotels market share.

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