Goldfinger – Stomping Ground

6 June 2019

Punk is not dead. Born in the late ?s and supposedly dead by the ?s, ithas risen from the ashes with bands like Blink 182, The Offspring, GreenDay, NOFX, Face to Face, Rancid and others following their lead.Goldfinger is helping the punk revolution with their third release,”Stomping Ground.”

Goldfinger established themselves asleaders in punk rock with their first two releases. With “StompingGround,” the band continues to blast out punk lyrics combined withfast guitar riffs, heart-pounding bass and fast percussion action,creating a sound fans have come to know and love.

“StompingGround” is one of the first major punk albums released thiscentury. Bringing back the old California-style punk they began with,Goldfinger blasts out note after note. They aim to sell their CD withoutthe help of extensive radio play or MTV. Once again, a punk band isplanning to stay away from the Rock ‘n Roll establishment. Goldfinger isjust one of the bands that shows they can make a living and great musicwithout the help of videos and a lot of radio play.

With songslike “I’m Down,” “Pick a Fight” and “Countingthe Days,” Goldfinger returns to their old punk style. They diveinto a mix of punk and alternative rock with “Carry On,” and”99 Red Balloons,” a remake of the ?s hit. The 14-song”Stomping Ground” is a great punk album and reinforces thenotion that Goldfinger is one of the best punk rock bands out there.

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