Golf in My Life

12 December 2018

Describe a place or environment where you are perfectly content. What do you do or experience there, and why is it meaningful to you?
There are few places where I am perfectly content with myself. One of which is the golf course. When I am on the golf course I can forget about my worries and just let everything go. I will not stress and can have fun without thinking about things I have to do later.

Many people think the golf course is a very stressful place but it is a place where you can practice or play with friends having endless fun. You can even practice by yourself and be very content and focused on improving your game.

Golf in My Life Essay Example

At the golf course, I experience calmness of the mind and I can let everything go. I can focus on myself and nothing else can bother me. I can focus on my own game and try to get better and not be stressed out about what I have to do later. Many people think that golf is a very stressful sport and it is if you have not trained right and are not ready for what you will encounter on the golf course throughout the next eighteen holes.

The golf course is meaningful to me because I have played golf for over seven years. I have spent over three thousand hours practicing golf and spend about twenty-five hours a week at the golf course. I see a coach at Cowboys Golf Club who helps me with my entire game from my driver to my short game like putting and chipping. He even helps me on my mental game to get my mind in the right spot before the round. I have learned how to slow down my thoughts so I am ready to hit my shot and focus my conscious mind on one thing at a time. It helps me focus and play to the best of my ability and shoot a good score. I have even learned how to make a training plan to help me write down what I have to do two weeks before a tournament to set myself up for success. I have learned making a plan and setting life goals are very important part of living life. Setting goals helps you work hard after something in the future.

The golf course is almost like a second home to me. I started playing right after I quit football and have been playing ever since. At Lantana Golf Club, I am well known by the staff and members and have a lot of good memories there. I have found myself wanting to stay at the golf course instead of going home because it relaxes me. Golf is going to help me out later in life on many business trips so I am very glad I am practicing my skills now so I will have fun when I am older with my coworkers at the golf course. Golf is an international sport enjoyed by many people and loved by all. The Masters is watched by over one hundred million people all around the world to watch the greatest golfers from all around to compete against each other. Golf can help me connect with others and start relationships with others I would not be able to do otherwise.

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