Goliathan by Weedeater

10 October 2019

If you read my Dopesmoker review, you can find a certain message over there. Why am I bringing that up? This is also stoner metal, but with a southern twist. I suggest you read that message in Dopesmoker before you move on. Or alternatively you can just stay put and enjoy the show.
Goliathan is Weedeater’s most recent album that includes a total of ten tracks that can come close to 40 minutes in length. I have said this is a southern based album which is very evident in their playing style, banjos, and the singer’s clean voice. It may be short, but it can feel pretty long, especially if you’re not into it at all. Sure, I’m not the biggest fan of stoner music but I liked Dopesmoker alot so coming in I thought I would like this. I wasn’t as pleased here though. Yeah the songs are much shorter but there wasn’t quite as much energy here nor enough noticeably different riffs from track to track. There were a couple ones that don’t even have the stoner sound either, which I liked a tad more because banjos. The vocals are interesting, it seems as if they were influenced by the thrash band Absu in terms of vocal style which is a nice touch because the last I expect is black metal sounding vocals in stoner anything. Do they work? Sometimes they do. I can say it has its place but the vocalist apparently knows most of those times well, but he doesn’t appear often because of course that’s the case. The entire album just seems boring in my opinion(though if you are southern, you might enjoy this a bit more) for whatever reason other than lack of energy. I guess this is supposed to prove that stoner metal is not for me.
I give this a 5.5/10. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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