Gone but Not Forgotten

1 January 2017

None of us knew that on February 14,1991 at Elgeston Childrens Healthcare Hospital, God would his little angel my son Willis Xavius home to be with him. No parent when they bring when they bring a child into this world expects to have to bury their child, we as parents always think our children will have the task of preparing for our funeral and burying us. But as we know death has no age we are born, we live, and we die, we just have to accept it know matter how much it hurts. Willis Xavius was born on May 2nd, 1990 at 2:30 pm.

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He came into this world as any other baby kicking, screaming and ready to eat. He was a happy, jolly little baby boy with the most precious little eyes I ever seen, when you looked them it was as though you was looking into his soul and his eyes was always bright and happy looking. He grew as a normal baby does, only difference between him and my other children was that he started doing things early then they did. By nine months this little fellow had started walking, we use joke and say he was trying to keep with his siblings.

All his check-ups were fine he never even had an ear infection not even a cold. But all that changed suddenly on February 13th, 1991 around four that morning. As I was feeding him he threw his formula back up, I wait for about an hour and tried again and he did the same thing. So I told my husband after got the children ready for school once they left we would take him to the emergency room. As we all were preparing to leave the house together, his sisters and brothers had to come back and give him a kiss.

Just as my daughter was going out the house for a second time she stop, turning around came back and pick up Xavius kiss him and said I love you, but Gods loves you more. My daughter’s name is Tasha, so I asked, Tasha why would you say that she said” I don’t know mama, but God does” and she turn and walk out the door to catch the bus. As we arrive at Elgeston they examine him and started to give him I V fluids as to hydrate him and told us we would be able to go home that evening, so my husband left for work and I took a seat beside his bed and began to read my Bible.

As the hours were passing by he seem to be doing better, but suddenly all of that change and my whole life also changed at that moment. I look at his eyes and they had this blank stare, his eyes were glassy looking no life in them at all. All of a sudden I began to scream and yell for someone to come the nurses ran in there immediately, they push me out of the room and all I remember hearing was code blue at that moment I thought m y heart actually stopped beating.

Someone sent a nurse out here to sit with me to try and comfort me, next thing I know the Chaplin was there beside me holding my hand. I was frantic, I could not even call my husband they had to make the call for me. While I was waiting for my husband to arrive the doctor came and told me they were able to revive him, they said he had aspirated on his vomit and the acid had burn his lungs, but they didn’t how bad they were burnt at that moment. We are going to do everything we can for Xavius, don’t worry your son is in very good hands.

When my husband arrive about an hour later he was not getting any better he was getting worse, the doctor told us to call the family in. We made some calls and my mom, brother in law, his wife, my cousin, and my best friend came to be with us. Everyone stay all night to give us love and support in our time of need. The next day was Valentine’s Day and that was the day my son was call home to be with the Lord. The doctors did everything they could to save my sons life, but at 8:15p. m. he was gone.

As the doctors came to tell us that he had passed away, I could see the hurt and tears in his eyes. To have the nurses hug and cry with us after my son passed let me know in my heart this is what I want to do with my life, to not only do a job, but to do something that would make a difference in someone else life. Losing my son made me know life is a gift treasure everyday of it and never take it or each other for granted. Always tell your family you love them because you never know when it maybe the last time.

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