The horror of arkness had never been so complete as it was for me that night. (pg. 22) Home is seen as the safest place for Antonio. He knows he is going to be comforted by ultima or his mother and it’s the first place he thinks of going. Lupito is playing the part of evil. That is how Antonio sees is because all the men in town are after him” I prayed that he would listen to Narcisco and that the angry and frustrated men on the bridge would not commit moral sin” (pg. 21) Although Lupito is part of “evil” in the novel, Antonio doesn’t want anything to happen to him. Antonio Is very religious and Is why e doesn’t want anything to be done.

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He doesnt want the men to sin and believes that God will forgive what Lupito did after all. The Second important encounter is when Florence dies. “It was a warm day. I felt the sweat cold on my face and arms. The sun Glistened on the wide waters of the lake. ” (pg. 239). Antonio knows something is wrong when he sees the other boys screaming and shouting. At this point Antonio has confronted evil many times but this is an important event. After other occasions he has matured quite a bit and is growing into understanding life a little more.

Others try making Antonio believe that she Isn’t a good person but him and his family knows for a fact that It Isnt true. Tenorlo Is the Evil gets others to think that Ultima isn’t good. In the end she is exposed to everyone but there is nothing that could be done since she has passed away. Antonio is devastated but has grown. There is nothing that could be done. Good and evil stream throughout the novel. Antonio is affected by events that don’t necessarily include him. Lupitds death, Florence’s death and Ultima’s death all cooperated in changing Antonio. He is a strong young man that before is ignorant and wasn’t exposed to events in life.

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