Good Charlotte

8 August 2019

Picture this: twin brothers, Benji and Joel – inspired bythe Beastie Boys’ “Ill Communications” tour – recruit three high schoolbuddies, and are soon playing local radio shows in the D.C. area. A 13-trackself-titled LP and a sold-out East Coast tour with Lit follow. Meet the band GoodCharlotte.

Their self-titled album is a combination ofpop/punk/ska/hip-hop melodies, and surprisingly heartfelt ballads. Five new faceswill do the punk-rock scene some good, and even bring variety to the music. Thetracks are sung with considerable sincerity, as opposed to raucous adolescence ala fellow rockers Blink 182.

All the tracks on the album areautobiographical. Major topics include social rejection, inadequacy and atroubled childhood. As quoted from the lead single “Little Things,””The rich kids had convertibles and we had to ride the bus/Like the time wemade the baseball team/But they still laughed at us/Like the time that girl brokeup with me ’cause I wasn’t cool enough.

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Good Charlotte’s recentnotoriety is in great part due to appearances on MTV’s “Say WhatKaraoke” and “Instant Gratification,” along with a spot on thesoundtrack of teen comedy flick, “Dude, Where’s My Car?”

GoodCharlotte’s influences range from The Clash to the Beach Boys, to Depeche Mode.It’s not surprising that Good Charlotte cannot be categorized into just one genreof music. Hybrid hip-hop/punk rock and a thank-you note set to music are stylesincluded on the album. Joining them are riffs that clearly resemble earlysurf-pop music, and repetitive choruses glossed over with super-sweet popmelodies are sure to stick in your head for days.

Meanwhile, the bandendeavors to build up its fan base the “old-fashioned” way, touringwith MxPx and Slick Shoes.

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