Good leadership in business

6 June 2017

A number of recent articles have explored successful leadership in business. While useem emphasizes what business leaders can learn from the U. S. military, the articles by Cappelli et al. and Ladkin and Weber focus on good leaders of organizations in India and Hong Kong respectively. A major concern of all three articles is what factors allow business leaders to successfully develop mission and vision. Although both Cappelli et al. and useem’s texts talk about mission, they use It In different way, however, Ladkin and Weber’s focus more on vision.

This review will compare these two concepts In terms of motivating employees, having good Interpersonal skills and adapting to changes. The three articles all analyze the ways that successful leaders motivate employees. Their authors agree that employees’ inspiration is important to achieve the mission of a company. useem points out that ‘small actions make indelible impressions. ‘ (p. 3). The author exemplifies a real story from a U.

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S. general who was leading 92,000 troops in a war.

All three articles express a common point that successful leaders should be able to deal with problems and challenges which help to accomplish mission. The three authors agree that leaders need to have vision to identify problems. Both Useem and Cappelli et al. point out successful business leaders should avoid micromanaging staff work freely out and trust their employees (Useem p. 4; Cappelli et al. p. 95). Cappelli et al. se the example of Bank of Baroda where the CEO told staff the problem and discussed solutions faced with competition from other private banks (p. 95).

Useem exemplifies a good leader clearly conveying a mission to staff. As a result, the bank became profitable again and the Yankee army won in the Civil War. Useem claims that leaders should make quick decisions to achieve mission in changeable environment (p. 3). Ladkin and Weber describe the threat from technological development which creates 2417 working environment and stresses the necessity of further learning and leaders must be able to deal with challenges in order to keep ualified employees (p. 284-285). The three authors make an important point that leaders need to set clear goals.

These articles make crucial contributions to develop a good understanding of mission and vision which makes a successful business leadership. In Hong Kong and USA, both of them focus on the mission of company while leadership in India focuses on social mission. However, the most useful text is Cappelli et al. ‘s, because it emphasizes the term CSR (corporate social responsibility) that each company should be beneficial for society and country. Successful leaders need to learn about different ultures where their businesses are going global.

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