Good ways to relax

6 June 2016

” Good ways to relax “

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Good ways to relax
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People of these are getting more stress than ever . It is not only adults but also the young, especially school children. The adults are getting tired by their daily routines, for example; working long hours to make an ends meet and to keep up with modern society. Likewise the school children are having in school society. So they can be stressful by burdensome school lessons and pier pressures. Therefore both the adult and the young need to relax to reduce certain amount of stress they have in their days.

There can be two types of stress , physically and emotionally. Thus so we need physical relaxation for bodily tiredness and mental relaxation for emotional tiredness. But it depends on what type of Job we do, For example anyone who’s job is a labourer he will tire physically and for someone who is a doctor or a manager will tire emotionally. For the school children they can only tire mentally as they do not need to work.

But different people use different ways to relax. Many people choose their hobbies as a way of relaxation and it is exceptionally a good way. But hobbies need to be ethically acceptable as we know only a good hobby can lead to a good way of relaxation.

For example someone who is enjoy reading ; reading is exactly a good way to relax for him when he is tired. He will relax and refresh after some times of reading. Surely reading makes him relax as well as pleasure, knowledge and of course maturity. Moreover it is very cost effective too, because libraries are found everywhere now a day. Another good way to relax is travelling, If we choose travelling to be relaxed we can gain a lot of geographical knowledge, but it is a budget-depend one. If one would like to visit to a countryside for relaxation one will feel very relaxed and also understand the value of trees and the peacefulness of a green environment. Playing chess, gardening, fishing and meditation are all good ways to relax too.

But for the elderly , beading, meditation and visiting the pagoda are of good relaxation for them. Oppositely young people prefer to relax by ways of more active, such as swimming and going for a picnic. For some people who need not worry about money can choose more expensive ways like massaging ,golfing and staying at luxury resort.

On the other hand, I would like to mention some improper ways of relaxation. If we do not relax properly something like going to a pub and nightclub; the result can be adverse. If someone want to relax by drinking alcohol one need to be aware of the limit. If not the outcome will definitely be adverse, such as vomiting ,headaches and feeling hangover. This is the only example of improper relaxation and there can be many more. That’s so whenever we are tired we should realize which is good way to relax and which is bad for us. …..

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