Good Will Hunting

4 April 2015
An analysis of the “edge” genre in regard to the film “Good Will Hunting”.

“Good Will Hunting”, directed by Gus Van Sant, has been described as an ‘edge’ or ‘independent’ film. The paper defines an independent film as one which provides an alternative point of view to the dominant discourse provided by mainstream films. The ‘edge’ or ‘independent’ genre of the film is discussed in this paper.
“Secondly, the choice of subject matter of the film is highly idiosyncratic. Rather than choosing an “every person,” the film selects a very gifted individual with an intellect most filmgoers cannot identify with. Rather than validating American notions about success, the Will of the title spurns such notions. He is more interested in his own gifts, in a very personal and arrogant way, than of conventional collegiate success. To find himself and to realize his gifts, the protagonist must abandon his friends and old way of life as well as conventional American notions of monetary and intellectual achievement.

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