Got Milk Analysis

10 October 2016

Analysis of the Got Milk BRANDING A COMMODITY 1. A. The got milk? Ad campaigns was a sign of beverage industry, it symbolized beverage industry’s innovation. It stopped milk demand rate of decline, and created new brand of milk. Let commodity also have brand to effect consumers’ purchase decision. B. 1) Television Ads, the television ads gradually built the tension that was so critical to the deprivation strategy. 2) Additional communications programs, the creative strategy lent itself to using complementary food as promotional tools for milk. ) Media strategy, According to manning there were three ideal times to communicate the milk message—at home where milk could be immediately consumed, on the way to the store, and in the store, 2. The United Dairy Industry Association (UDLA) commissioned a marketing research study to investigate the reason behind the perpetual decline of per capita milk consumption. 1) Proliferation of other beverages 2) Lack of portability 3) Lack of flavor variety 3) not thirst quenching 4) Lack of consumer mind share 5) shared nature of consumption. 3.

The new advertising campaign had to satisfy three objectives: 1) Change consumer behavior, the CMPB’s foremost priority was to increase milk consumption by one occasion per week. To change the ways for consumers think about milk. 2) Increase mind share, although many people drink milk every day, milk suffered from a complete lack of consumer mind share. 3) Halt sales decline, obviously, sales represented the bottom line for the CMPB. 4. Got milk Campaign used research data of California to explain dairy industry trend, then compared milk need rate of American. Gained a credible evidence to show advantage of drink milk.

It will make consumer change their drink habit. It not only advertise brand, but also develop brand to consumers. Ensured target market, created campaign objectives, branding strategy, and then let it became spirit of brand integrate into people’s life. 5. Base on strategy of case already mention, to create music about advertising of got milk, let consumer remembered brand easily, associate with beverage companies which produce milk show their logo on Got Milk’s advertising. Decide coupons and discount day on newspaper, printed cartoon or old fashion out packing to attract consumers with different age, sexuality, religion.

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