Gothic Architecture and Following Stylistic Terms

An important sixth-century ship burial was found at: SUTTON-HOO, ENGLAND The most important patrons of the arts during the early medieval period were: THE CLERGY An important Ottian chuch was built at Hildesheim under: BISHOP BERNWARD The purse cover from Sutton-Hoo is a good example of: SAXON INTERLACE Which term means “fear of empty spaces” in Latin and refers to a stylistic convention of covering an entire surface with patterns and figures, leaving virtually no empty spaces? ————————————————- HORROR VACUII Architecturally, Pisa Cathedral is most similar in style to:

EARLY CHRISTIAN BASILICAS SUCH AS OLD ST. PETERS Which of the following statements best describes the cultural context of Romanesque Europe? CHURCH FLOOR PLANS DEVELOP TO ACCOMMODATE LARGE CROWDS OF PILGRIMS, WHO STIMULATE ECONOMIC GROWTH ALONG PILGRIMAGE ROUTES Romanesque is a term that means Roman was first coined by the Emperor Charlemagne. FALSE A Tympanum is the area above a Romanesque cathedral door reserved for sculpture that incorporates horror vacuii, reminding the view that the subject resembles a heavenly vision. TRUE The dates for the Romanesque Period are: 1TH TO EARLY 13TH CENTURY Which statement best describes the overall ambiance of a typical Romanesque church? WEIGHTY, HEAVY, DARK AND EARTHBOUND A vault that springs from two walls over a space and is created when two barrel vaults intersect at right angles creating a type of junction or intersection is called a: GROIN VAULT Which architectural features are NOT found in a Romanesque church floorplan? FLYING BUTTRESSES AND SPIRES The Head Reliquary of St. Alexander: CONTAINED THE REMAINS OF THE POPE SAINT Romanesque sculpture can be described as stylized and full of Christian symbolism.

TRUE Pilgrimages were a large factor in the construction of Romanesque basilicas. ————————————————- TRUE To whom was the Notre Dame de Paris dedicted to? THE VIRGIN MARY The nave elevation may contain a nave- arcade, tribune gallery, triforium, and clerestory. TRUE This person revived Platonic ideas (Neo-Platonism) which suggests that looking at and contemplating beautiful objects, sacred images, and architecture, leads one’s sol into closer union with the Divine. ABBOT SUGER Chartres Cathedral housed which relic? THE SACRED TUNIC OF THE VIRGIN MARY

Which element is characteristically Gothic? FLYING BUTTRESS Gothic architecture is characterized by all except: DARK INTERIORS Gothis is a word that comes from the reference to the Goths (Visigoth and Ostrigoths) who were barbarian peoples settling in Europe around in the 4th century A. D. TRUE Which exterior architectural element helped distribute the weight of the walls of Gothic churches? FLYING BUTTRESS Abbot Suger did NOT coin the term GOTHIC TRUE Gothic was a term invented in the: RENAISSANCE Abbot Suger was inspired by which of the following? ————————————————-

DIONYSIUS THE AREOPAGITE Which artist was considered the truest imitator of nature? GIOTTO Which of the following stylistic terms refers to the medium and process of applying a thin layer of fresh plaster on an existing plaster surface and then immediately applying color pigments which, upon drying, become a permanent part of the wall surface? FRESCO Cimabue was Giotto’s teacher. TRUE Duccio was a celebrated Florentine painter. FALSE Which of the following terms refers to the modeling of light and dark which begins to appear at the beginning of the Trescento (1300s) with artists like Cimabue, Duccio and Giotto?

CHIAROSCURO Which images is an example of the maniera greca? ST. FRANCIS ALTERPIECE Maniera Greca refers to art of Ducento or Trecento Italy, which was influenced by the art of the medieval Greeks or Byzantine peoples. ————————————————- TRUE Which of the following terms refers to the study of symbolic, often religious, meaning of objects, persons, or events depicted in works of art? ICONOGRAPHY Which of the following is an example of a genre scene? MAY FROM THE TRES RICHES HEURES Northern Renaissance artists were preoccupied with creating momentarily of form FALSE

Which of the following is an example of disguised symbolism? THE ANNUNCIATION “MEDRODE” ALTERPIECE Northern Renaissance art reflects an interest in the world of appearance that was influenced by a growing sense of humanism in the north as well as a new personalizing of the religious experience. ————————————————- TRUE In Italy during the fifteenth century, intellectuals and artists increasingly turned their attention to a revival of classical learning and ideals. TRUE Botticelli was influenced by neo-Platonism. TRUE Which of the following terms refers to the visual device of making an object ppear to recede dramatically into space? FORESHORTENING Which of the following terms refers to the scientifically understood distribution of the weights and balances of the body with corresponding high or lower hip and shoulder to the weight bearing leg or side? CONTROPPOSTO Which of the following terms refers to compositions which have a single vanishing point? ONE-POINT SCIENTIFIC PERSPECTIVE Varsari wrote which of the following? LIVES OF THE ARTISTS One of the distinguishing features of Italian Renaissance art is the use of scientific one-point perspective to create illusionistic spaces.

TRUE Which of the following terms refers to the emphasis on education and on expanding knowledge (especially of classical antiquity), the exploration of individual potential and a desire to excel, and ca commitment to civic responsibility and moral duty? HUMANISM Which of the following terms refers to the lines (imaginary, suggested, and painted or indicated) which can be traced from architectural features, tessellated floors, and other compositional elements converging upon a single vanishing point?

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