Gothic story gcse

6 June 2017

A chilling breath of wind assaulted her deadened cheeks for it was a rough night and the stars had cowardly hid away behind the dull, mute clouds. The predatory moon, bright and full; crept behind the cloudy sky stalking me as prey. Her voiceless shadow stumbled drunkenly as she battled through the hawkish rain to find shelter for the night. Her car had broken down a mile or so back. It had been hours since the sunlight faded to dark; hours since she’d been stranded in this deserted place. She was miles away from her home, she was very frightened.

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She Just stood there, crying; wishing someone could help when, suddenly, a small old lady seemed to appear from no-where. She was extremely short with long, obsidian hair and a narrow, cadaverous face. “Please help me,” the young girl begged, her teeth chattering loudly. “Okay. ” The old woman looked unsure for a few seconds then explained, “there is an inn Just a mile away. ” The girl looked at her watch to check the time, but when she lifted her head to thank the old lady, she had gone; disappeared into the ominous mist.

When she arrived at he inn, she was shocked to find it looking isolated and in the moons alabaster light the sallow pillars seemed skeletal. She clung to the door as she rapped on it three times, diffidently at first, and then harder. The knocking echoed through the hollow inn, she imagined, from the echo that came back to her that, far away, someone was knocking on another door as if in a parallel dimension, begging for escape. The solid oak door earily opened to greet the small old lady she had seen a mile back.

The girl pondered about what was going on as she stepped in. The cobwebs above the bar said no-one had used it for years and the rusty till looked hollow. Yet she didn’t ask why it was so empty and ancient looking; she Just followed the little old lady to her room, removed her rain soaked clothes and went to sleep. In the morning, she got dressed into her damp clothes and walked down the crooked stairs, expecting the little old lady to be down there, cheerfully cooking meals for the villagers. No-one was there. Not even the old lady.

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