Grace by Emmet Cahill

8 August 2019

“Grace” is a song that Emmet Cahill from the group Celtic Thunder sang and released as a single back in 2012 by himself. Other people have recorded this song including, George Donaldson. It was written during the Irish War of Independence back in 1916. This song is about a couple that was due to be married, but the girl whose named was Grace found out that her fiance whose name was Joseph was going to be shot persuaded the military to marry her fiance the day before he was.
The reason why I love Emmet’s version of this song is many. I love it because in my opinion his voice fits in every song that he sings. Also, this song goes along the classical songs which he’s been singing his whole life. I also love the whole story behind the song too no matter who sings it.

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