Grade Five Pupils

7 July 2018

The school tried to identify the root cause for school/teacher factors are not part of the problem. They have a standard class size, classroom conducive to learning and good rapport between teacher-pupil relationships. Through the conduct of diagnostic test in all learning areas PHIL-IR (pre-test) both English and Filipino and their previous performance in the previous grade, there are found to be left behind in terms of academic performance. To attain the goal of the desired learning outcomes, the Teacher tries to discover the reasons why they are considered as slow learners.For almost a month, the pupils are observing as to behavior, attendance in the class and family status. For the root causes identified, the researcher decides to write the proposal about effective classroom management in handling Grade V slow learners for S.

Y. 201 1-201 2. . Problem How to have effective classroom management in handling Grade Five Slow Learners for the School Year 201 1-2012.

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Possible Causes: A. Poor academic performance. B.

Less interest in study because of the influence of computer. C. Poor study habits. II. Generation of Alternative Solutions A.Encourage students to study their lesson at least one hour a day. B.

Allowing the children to plan activities within their range Of interest and abilities. C. Using such techniques as social drama for the purpose of developing insights in practical life situations. IV. Plan of Action A Objectives 1. Improve their academic performance. 2.

Provide varied interesting activities among slow learners. 3. Use different techniques and strategies for the slow learners. B. Time Frame This study will be conducted for two quarter, from June to October during the School Year 2011-2012. C.Target subjects Target pupils for the study are the of San Vaccine Elementary School, Fabian District, Fabian City Laguna for the Academic Year 201 1-2012.

D. Activities to be Undertaken 1. Provide activities which develop their academic performance. 2. Prepare different interesting activities among the slow learners. 3. Provide varied techniques in developing insights in practical life situations.

Target Superstructures Involved Activities Expected Results Grade Five Pupils of San Vaccine Elementary School, Banana City, Laguna for the School Year 01 1-2012.Grade Five pupils Class Officers English Teachers Adviser Librarian Guidance Counselor Principal 1 . Prepare/Use varied instructional materials catch the interest of pupils. 2. Use multimedia in teaching different learning areas. 3. Weekly Evaluation to measure their performance.

Reduce the number of slow learners among grade five pupils. . Evaluation Criteria The results of the research shall be reported after 70 % of the Grade Five pupils or more have participated in the class discussion. F. Research Design ACTIVITIES Data to be Collected Data Analysis/statistical treatment 1 .Prepare/Use varied instructional materials catch the interest of pupils. 2.

Use multimedia in teaching different learning areas. Results of Weekly Evaluation Percentage V. Presentation and Interpretation of Results Eleven out of Fifteen (1 1 ’15) slow learners were improved their study habits because they are now more active and participated in class discussion and improved their performance in academics. VI. Conclusions and Recommendations Based on the techniques and strategies that have been done by the teacher it s proved that the number of slow learners was minimized.

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