Graduation Speech

7 July 2016

?It’s a rare opportunity to be given this privilege to talk to young minds like you–the youth whose minds and thinking are ideal, pure and filled with enthusiasm. Our theme is “The Graduate: A Partner Towards Transformational Society, An Answer to Societal Change”. We cannot effect social change if we ignore the social problems that are in our midst nowadays facing our very eyes. We should dig deeper to the root causes of these social problems. Every day, every hour, and every minute of our lives, we hear, we see the social problems besetting our country and our community.

There is poverty, corruption in the government, violence, drug addiction, crimes, injustice and so on as if they are here to stay. Are there no more solutions for these ills of society? How and when can we stop this? The real root causes of these problems are the values of the people which they were brought up. Diploma is nothing without moral values. We have intelligent people in our society but they do not possess the right values. They think only for themselves. We have intelligent graduates but they ended up as greedy politicians and greedy businessmen.

Graduation Speech Essay Example

We have intelligent graduates but they are also indifferent, self-centered, irresponsible and lazy. What the society needs now are graduates who are disciplined, hardworking, honest, hospitable, makiKapwa, makaDiyos at Makabayan, not intelligent alone. Graduates, I encourage you to participate in our Sangguniang Kabataan actively in all its programs and activities. Let us always relive the bayanihan spirit and start it with the SK. It’s alright to aim for success in life. But true success is not only with becoming rich in material respect but rich with moral values.

To our graduates, let’s not forget our Filipino values. Let’s keep our moral fibers intact as we go along the ladders of success. We know we cannot transform our society overnight. We know we cannot do it alone. As the future leaders of our society, you, graduates, should start now in your own little ways. Parents, and teachers, let’s us be a model to them and help our graduates in directing their path—to the path that is noble and worth living. To the graduates, congratulations, and may God Bless you.

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