Graffiti Moon

2 February 2017

Graffiti Moon Essay “Graffiti Moon” by Cath Crowley is about a teenage girl’s adventure trying to find a mysterious graffiti artist over one night. Truthfulness is optimal to form a deep bond between two people. Romantic relationships, friendships and personal honesty are great for a person to have. But all need honesty to survive. Romantic relationships are great, you are with the one person who truly understands you and there is no greater feeling. Lucy and Ed are trying to make a romantic relationship work but they didn’t start it with honesty.

“Lying isn’t my idea of romance”.Lucy and Ed began their relationship based on lies. Ed “thinks about her finding out” he is “Shadow”. Ed “thinks about her being disappointed because” he is “guy going nowhere, not a guy who is sensitive and smart and funny” like Lucy has created Shadow to be in her mind. Ed is afraid that he will not meet Lucy’s expectations therefore he did not reveal his true identity to her from the beginning. “Truth is better, painful, but better”. Ed should have told Lucy the truth from the beginning and Lucy shouldn’t have been so blinded by the fantasy she has created in her mind.

Graffiti Moon Essay Example

By Ed not telling anyone he is Shadow, when Lucy finds out, her and Jazz “feel like the stupidest girls in the world” because they have been played from the start. Leo and Jazz also started their relationship based on lies. Leo is “Poet” and he “owes money to Malcolm Dove”. Leo doesn’t tell Jazz that he is “Poet “because he “likes to live for the adrenalin” and he thought it would be fun. By lying about his identity and his debt to Malcolm, he endangers the girls when Malcolm comes to collect and Leo doesn’t have the money. Truthfulness is optimal to maintain a romantic relationship and friendship, lying just ruins everything.Friendships between a group of friends can lead to some of the funniest and most adventurous days you will ever have.

Lucy, Jazz and Daisy have a very honest friendship with each other. “The cubicle of truth” is where the girls are in the same cubicle and no matter what is asked the response is nothing but the truth. The girls talk about their relationships, what they should do and how to do it. These girls show a great amount of trust and honesty. Ed, Leo and Dylan also have a “cubicle of truth” but theirs is the “ring of truth”. They also speak about their relationships, what to do and how to do it.The boys all have lied to the girls about something.

Ed being “Shadow”, Leo being “Poet” and Dylan knowing that they are both the artists who the girls seek. The boys should be honest with the girls as they all like each other and you cannot have a friendship let alone a romantic relationship based on lies. But before you have any sort of relationship you must be honest with yourself. Personal honesty is the first thing that you need to have before starting any sort of relationship. Lucy needs to be honest with herself about “Shadow”. Lucy has this image in her head of what Shadow is like and how he acts etc.

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