Gratitude and Premiere Hotel

8 August 2016

First and foremost, I would like to express my very great appreciation to Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus especially to Career Center for helping me to secure an internship placement at Premiere Hotel, Klang. Their advice and assistance really helps me a lot throughout my application for this internship. After that, I would also like to thank Premiere Hotel Human Resource Manager, Ms. Margaret for giving me a great opportunity to have my first degree internship at Premiere Hotel.

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On top of that, I also would like to thank my Banquet Manager, Mr. Azmi Tajudin for providing me a very good environment for me to learn new things by giving me the opportunity to participate in most of the events that was held during my internship at Premiere Hotel and besides he also continually gives me full support and motivation by teaching me lots of aspect and S.O.P about the banquet events. In addition, thank you to my supervisor, Mr. Syahril and Mr. Syah. Without their supervision and constant help me throughout my training would not have been possible. Moreover, I would like to thank my banquet workmate, because of them I came to know so many new things and knowledge about the banquet operation.

Furthermore, I would like to express my special thanks of gratitude to my Sales Director,Mr. Oliver Cheng,Sales Coordinator,Ms. Joleen and my other colleagues who have been providing me guidance throughout my training at Sales & Marketing department. Their willingness to give their time so generously has been much appreciated. Thus, I also thank the Finance Manager Mr.Phoebe Tan for giving me an opportunity to become a cashier during the Airasia fair at Paradigm Mall. Finally, I wish to thank my family, friends and lecturers for their support and encouragement throughout my study and internship.

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