Great Expectations

1 January 2017

Why have the soldiers actually come to the Gargery house? – They are there to get a pair of 5. handcuffs fixed. 6. When the two convicts are found, what are they doing? – They are fighting. 7. What does the second convict claim the first convict tried to do to him? – He claims he tried to 7. murder him 8. How does Joe feel toward the first convict? – He is sympathetic; he doesn’t mind him eating the 8. pork pie if it meant he wouldn’t starve. 9. Who takes the blame for stealing the food from Mrs. Joe? – The first convict takes the blame. 10. Where are the convicts taken? – They are taken back to the prison ship.

Great Expectations: Chapters 6 and 7 Questions 1. Why didn’t Pip tell Joe the truth concerning the convict and the theft? – He was scared he’d lose 1. Joe’s trust. 2. What is probably the reason that Joe married Pip’s sister? – He probably married her to help 2. raise Pip. 3. What does Mr. Wopsle’s great-aunt run in the evenings? – She runs night school. 4. Even though Pip attends the evening school, who actually teaches Pip how to read and write? – 4. Biddy teaches him how to read and write. 5. What does Pip find out about Joe’s education? – He finds out Joe never attended school. 6.

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What is the only word that Joe can read? – He can only read “Jo”. 7. Pip agrees to help Joe learn to read and write. Why must they keep it a secret from Mrs. Joe? – 7. She may think Joe will want to rise and rebel against her. 8. What news do Uncle Pumblechook and Mrs. Joe bring home to Pip? – He says Miss Havisham 8. wants Pip to play at her house. 9. What does Miss Havisham ask Pip to come there to do? – She wants him to play there. 10. Who first takes Pip to Miss Havisham’s house? – Mr. Pumblechook takes Pip first. Great Expectations: Chapters 8 and 9 Questions 1. What is the meaning of Satis? It means “Enough”. 2. At what time have all the clocks in Miss Havisham’s house stopped? – They have stopped at 20 2. minutes to 9. 3. Who opens the gate to let Pip in at Miss Havisham’s? – Estella let’s Pip in. 4. What game does Pip play with Estella? – Beggar my neighbor is the game they play. 5. How is Miss Havisham dressed? – She is dressed in a fine, but aged bridal dress. 6. How does Estella hurt Pip’s feelings? – Estella is unkind to him and insults him. 7. Who does Pip imagine he sees hanging from a beam in the brewery? – He imagines he sees Miss 7. Havisham hanging there. 8. Why does Pip lie to Mrs.

Joe and Uncle Pumblechook about his day at Miss Havish m’s? – He 8. wouldn’t be believed, he didn’t understand everything there himself, and he didn’t want to talk 8. about it with Mrs. Joe. 9. Pip cannot lie to whom? – Pip can’t lie to Joe. 10. On what subject does Joe lecture Pip? – He lectures him about telling lies. Great Expectations: Chapters 10 and 11 Questions 1. What does the mysterious stranger at the Three Jolly Bargemen stir his drink with? – He stirs it 1. with a file. 2. What does the stranger give to Pip? – He gives Pip two pounds. 3. How does Estella treat Pip in these two chapters? She is very unkind and insulting. 4. What is the Three Jolly Bargemen? – It is a pub. 5. Who are the people waiting with Pip in the large room at Miss Havisham’s? – They are relatives 5. of Miss Havisham 6. On what occasion are these people visiting Miss Havisham? – It is Miss Havisham’s birthday. 7. Describe what Pip sees on the bridal table. – He saw a bridal cake (though he didn’t know at 7. first) covered with cobwebs. 8.

Where does Miss Havisham want to be laid when she is dead? – She wants to be laid on the 8. bridal table. . What does Miss Havisham ask Pip to do on this visit? – She asks him to play cards again with 9. Estella. 10. What do Pip and the pale young gentleman do? – They fight. Great Expectations: Chapters 12 and 13 Questions 1. What does Pip worry about before he returns to Miss Havisham’s? – He worries about being 1. punished for fighting. 2. What do Miss Havisham and Pip do every visit? – Pip pushed her in her wheelchair around her 2. Room. 3. Why does Miss Havisham ask Pip to bring Joe to her house? – She wants Pip to become Joe’s 3. apprentice. 4. What does apprenticeship mean? It means to be bound to master to learn a trade. 5. What does Miss Havisham pay Joe for Pip’s apprenticeship? – She pays him 25 pounds. 6. How does Joe embarrass Pip at Miss Havisham’s? -He has a crude appearance and rough speech. 7. Who does Pip confide in? – Pip confides in Biddy. 8. What does Miss Havisham instruct Estella to do? – She instructs her to “break their hearts”. 9. Who takes the credit for Pip’s apprenticeship? – Mr. Pumblechook takes credit for it. 10. How does Pip feel about his apprenticeship to Joe? – Pip is disappointed in it. Great Expectations: Chapters 14 and 15 Questions 1.

Why does Pip want to educate Joe? – He wants to educate Joe so that “he might be worthier of 1. my society and less open to Estella’s reproach. ” 2. What is the reason Pip gives Joe for wanting to return to Miss Havisham’s? –He says he wants to 2. thank Miss Havisham 3. What is the real reason he wants to return to Miss Havisham’s? – He wishes to see Estella. 4. Who meets Pip at Miss Havisham’s gate? – He meets Sarah Pocket. 5. Where is Estella? – She is “Abroad”. 6. When does Miss Havisham invite Pip to return? – She invites him to return on his birthday. 7. What is the name of Joe’s journeyman at the forge? The journeyman is Dolge Orlick. 8. Who causes the fight between Orlick and Joe? – Mrs. Joe causes the fight. 9. Who joins Pip and Mr. Wopsle on their walk home? – Orlick joins them. 10. What happens at home while Pip is in the village? – Mrs. Joe was attacked. Great Expectations: Chapters 16 and 17 Questions 1. What important piece of evidence was left beside Mrs. Joe’s body? – A leg iron was next to her. 2. Mrs. Joe lives, but how is she afflicted? – She has brain damage and is unable to talk. 3. What does Mrs. Joe repeatedly draw on her slate? – She draws a T shape. 4. When Mrs. Joe draws this figure, who does she want to see? She wants to see Orlick. 5. What does the ‘T” represent? – It represents a hammer. 6. Who are the two people Pip suspects could be Mrs. Joe’s attacker? –Orlick or the strange man 6. he saw at the pub. 7. Who comes to live at the forge and cares for Mrs. Joe? –Biddy comes to live at the forge. 8. When Pip returns to see Miss Havisham on his birthday, what does she give him? – He is given a 8. guinea 9. Who does Pip confide in that he wants to be a gentleman? – He tells Biddy. 10. What is the reason that Pip wants to be a gentleman? – He says he is unhappy with his place in 10. life

Great Expectations: Chapter 18 and 19 Questions 1. Who informs Pip that he has Great Expectations? – Pip is informed by Mr. Jaggers. 2. What are the three stipulations of the inheritance? – He will be raised as a gentleman, cannot 2. know the identity of the person giving him his fortune, and his acceptance of the other conditions. 3. Who is to be Pip’s guardian while he is in London? – Mr. Jaggers is to be Pip’s guardian. 4. Who is to be Pip’s tutor while he is in London? – Pip’s tutor is to be Matthew Pocket. 5. When Mr. Jaggers offers Joe money to compensate for the loss of Pip’s services, what does the blacksmith do? Joe declines it. 6. Who does Pip believe is his benefactor? –He believes it is Miss Havisham. 7. Why does Pip visit Mr. Trabb, the tailor? – He visits Mr. Trabb to get a suit for London. 8. How does the reader know that Biddy understands Joe better than Pip does? – She asks Pip if he 8. ever consider that Joe may be proud when he asks her to help Joe. 9. How has the behavior of Mr. Pumblechook and Mr. Trabb changed toward Pip? – They treat him 9. considerably better. 10. Where is Pip going at the end of Chapter 19? – He is going to London. Great Expectations: Chapters 20 and 21 Questions 1. What is the name of Mr.

Jaggers’ clerk? – Mr. Wemmick is Mr. Jaggers clerk. 2. What is the name of the “pale young gentleman”? – The gentleman’s name is Herbert. 3. What is Pip’s impression of London? – He sees it as ugly, crooked, and dirty. 4. What is the name of the inn where Pip is to live? –He is to live at Barnard’s Inn. 5. What does Mr. Jaggers give to Pip? – He gives Pip’s his allowance. 6. Who walks Pip to Barnard’s Inn? – Mr. Wemmick walks Pip to the inn. 7. What kind of lawyer is Mr. Jaggers? – He is a criminal defense lawyer. 8. Where have Pip and Herbert Pocket met before now? – They met at the Satis House’s garden, 8. here they fought 9. What is Pip’s impression of Mr. Jaggers? – He is a frightening person. 10. What is the name of the prison located near Mr. Jaggers’ office? – It is called Newgate Prison. Great Expectations: Chapters 22 and 23 Questions 1. How does Herbert feel about Estella? – He is also attracted to her, but also knows about her 1. true character. 2. What name does Herbert give to Pip? –He names him Handel. 3. Why is Pip named Handel? – He names him after Handel’s The Harmonious Blacksmith. 4. What is one of the first lessons Herbert teaches Pip? – He teaches him table manners. 1.

What relation is Estella to Miss Havisham? – Miss Havisham adopted her. 2. Does Miss Havisham have any brothers or sisters? – She has a half-brother. 3. Who did Mr. Havisham leave his vast fortune to after his death? – He left his fortune to Miss 3. Havisham’s fiance 4. What two men conspired to swindle Miss Havisham out of her money? – Her half-brother and 4. her fiance. 5. Which character is obsessed with peerage, titles, and nobility? – Mrs. Pocket is obsessed with 5. peerage, titles, and nobility. 6. Who are the other two students living at Matthew Pocket’s home? – They are Bentley Drummle 6. nd Startop. Great Expectations: Chapters 24 and 25 Questions 1. When Pip is invited to Mr. Jaggers’ home, who does Wemmick want Pip to notice?

Does Pip go to see Joe, Biddy, and his sister while he is in town? –Pip doesn’t visit them. 3. Who rides on the coach with Pip? – Two convicts ride with Pip. 4. What does Pip overhear the convicts discussing? –How the convict Pip helped asked him to 4. deliver money to Pip. 5. When Pip arrives in his village, who does he find has taken all the credit for his good fortune? – 5. He finds Mr. Pumblechook has taken all the credit. 6. Who admits Pip into Miss Havisham’s gate and is now working for her? –Orlick now works for 6. her. 7. How has Estella changed since the last time Pip saw her? Pip describes her as a ravishing young 7. woman. 8. What does Miss Havisham tell Pip to do to Estella? –She tell Pip to love her. 9. How does Pip recognize Estella when he first arrives? –Pip recognizes her by her eyes.

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