Great Gatsby Reflection

9 September 2016

The Great Gatsby was pretty good. Whoever casted the characters did a pretty good job. I thought that Leonardo Dicaprio acted very well in the role of Jay Gatsby. In the book you could tell that Jay loved Daisy so much but seeing it on screen played by Leonardo made the feeling come to life. In conclusion the acting was great. Unfortunately, I also thought the movie illustrated the book a little too much.

Most of the time I knew every single line in the movie and so I thought the movie was a little boring because, since it illustrated the book so much, I knew exactly what was going to happen next and it sort of took away from the mystery of the movie. Since the story took place in the summer of 1922 I was lead to believe that the music too would be from that era in time but I was misled. I understand that by putting a twist to the soundtrack, by adding more of a modern feel to the music, it would appeal to younger viewers but honestly I think Fitzgerald would turn over in his grave.

I don’t think he would have wanted the modern feel of music to be portrayed in this movie because it takes away from the originality of the time period and eludes away from feeling it gives us. Rap and hip hop wasn’t even invented at this time so I feel it doesn’t mix well with the time period making the movie less authentic. Overall the movie was good but I think I would have enjoyed it more if I didn’t read the book the week before. If I read the book ages before like my mom did I would have enjoyed it more because I wouldn’t be able to narrate every scene and it would be more of a nail biter.

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