Great Way to Start the New Year, Not

4 April 2019

Tuesday October 11, 2011 at nine o’clock at night I had admitted myself into the hospital for attempting suicide. I knew I needed to get help, for six years I have gone through bullying, harassment, and threats to for my family and I to be killed. But what made me break? I had no answer to that.

Automatically you think I must be insane or have issues of my own, however, being in treatment I created a new beginning. One where I thought everything would be uphill from there. Sadly, it was the complete opposite. Word got around that I was in a mental hospital. A mental hospital, where those who are classified as “insane” were put into. Immediately I was attacked from every angle in this school, never in my life have I heard the worst things come out of people’s mouths. Everything from “She doesn’t deserve friends.” To “Suicide is your specialty.” Even “Go back to the insane asylum, no one wants you here.” What did I do wrong? I lost nearly all of my friends, respect from my peers. I wouldn’t come to school for I feared the worst.

Great Way to Start the New Year, Not Essay Example

Though if it wasn’t with the help of my family and my very few friends, I wouldn’t have been able to pull through and put in my effort to brush off the judgments and carrying on. I was given the courage and strength to get back up on my feet and focus on my future. If I never admitted myself into Rogers I wouldn’t be here today. It has taught me how to handle difficult situations in life and use my ability to help those in need of it. Being almost a year sober and happy it is a goal in life to reflect off of those who struggle in life with what I had gone through.

Although the outcome of being in a hospital have its cons, I look at it as being one of the greatest experiences I have learned from and taking it out into the world. I am going down a path which leads to a bright future and healthy lifestyle. To me, it’s like I have been placed in a game and won.

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