Greatest Hits

11 November 2018

Three weeks ago, I purchased CD Named “Greatest Hits”. This CD is about the New York Rangers, my favorite ice hockey team. When I was at the store I wanted to buy a good dance album, but once I saw the cover with the Rangers symbol, I had to have it. I thought it was going to be all music but I was wrong. It has live calls, great arena music, and original songs of the most memorable moments in Ranger history.

From the “Opening Montage,” a mixture of great moments in recent Ranger history, to “History Montage,” a mixture of great moments in old-time Ranger history, one can hear live footage from commentors in Madison Square Garden. From “Get Down Tonight,” a song by K.C. and The Sunshine Band, to “What I Like About You,” a song by The Romantics, one can hear music that is played at Madison Square Garden.

My two favorite tracks are number 14, “Slapshot” (Rangers Goal Song) by Ray Castoldi and “Bad Apple,” which is the song they play when the Rangers score at Madison Square Garden. My other favorite is number five, “The Guarantee,” a live call when team captain Mark Messier delivers three goals against the New Jersey Devils. I like this CD very much and enjoy it every time I listen to it. Although there are not that many songs, I recommend it to any Ranger and hockey fans..

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