Greatest Of The Latest: Top 12 New Music Albums

7 July 2019

#1. “Dangerous” – Michael Jackson: Why not? Already owner of the largest selling album of all-time, the “King of Pop” is more dangerous than ever with this thriller. And he’s found the ultimate cure for worldly problems: music. No doubt, Michael Jackson is bad.

#2. “Ten” – Pearl Jam: The newest of the megabands. When I saw the music video for “Jeremy” on MTV, I was flabbergasted. Lead singer, Eddie Vedder, really knows how to pour out the tunes. Now at a record store near you. So buy it!

#3. “Cooleyhighharmoney” – Boyz II Men: Move over Four Tops and Temptations, the boys from Philly are racking up the hits. This album sounded so smooth, I found it hard to say goodbye. I just kept playing it – all day long, day after day. And the album is still music to my ears!

#4 & #5 “Use Your Illusion I & II” – Guns ‘N’ Roses: No question, Guns ‘N’ Roses is the greatest rock group ever. Axl and Co. are brilliant once again, with such songs as “November Rain,” “You Could Be Mine,” “Live and Let Die,” and my forever favorite, “Don’t Cry.” And, all those opposed? (Silence.)

#6. “Nevermind” – Nirvana: This garage band from Seattle is big time these days. Their almighty melody is sure to grab hold of the bewildered listener. The unique whining noises of lead singer, Kurt, create an unequaled mixture with hard drums and a mean guitar. I simply loved “Lounge Act” and the giant “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

#7. “3 Years, 5 Months, & 2 Days in the Life of …” – Arrested Development: Besides a mountain of deep messages about racism, this album is truly a work of art. Congrats, Tennessee. Though I’m still a bit baffled: what’s the deal with this horseshoe stuff?

#8. “Forever My Lady” – Jodeci: Some cool brothers. Kind of like Boyz II Men, kind of not like Boyz II Men. Not much to be said here; it’s all in the music. “Stay” and “Come & Talk to Me” were dope.

#9. “Unplugged” – Eric Clapton: A great performance. This album owned the Grammys. Bound to change the minds of those who thought that old men can’t play the guitar. Pray for his son. Buy the album.

#10. “Achtung Baby” – U2: All the girls I know just love Bono’s accent. Packed with hits like “One,” “Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses?” and “Mysterious Ways,” the “Achtung Baby” really satisfies.

#11. “Unplugged,” – Mariah Carey: The goddess of song. Mariah has a voice that can break glass, yet tame the most vulgar beast. “I’ll Be There” is awesome, especially with the smooth tongue of background vocals soloist, Trey Lorenz. “Unplugged” includes all of Mariah’s greatest hits: a must buy for any Mariah Carey fan.

#12. “Automatic For The People,” – REM: Definitely the opposite of the sleep stage their title represents, this album was an automatic success. I’m beginning to wonder how they whip these great songs up so quickly.

And #13. “Funky Divas” – En Vogue: Of course, I couldn’t leave out these fine females. A feast of outstanding creations: “My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It),” “Giving Him Something He Can Feel,” and “Give It Up, Turn It Loose” to name a few. They look good and sing well. What more could one ask for? n

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