Green Day: Nimrod

8 August 2019

Green Day, the punk trio from the Bay area, camecrashing out of the dark with their latest album earlier this year. Theband’s previous albums have hesitantly remained within the boundaries ofpunk rock, but “Nimrod” takes a few steps outside the gate.The album exhibits musical variety ranging from jazz and hard rock tosoft rock and even polka. The ear-pleasing use of instruments formerlyunassociated with Green Day (including acoustic guitars, harmonicas,violins, bongos and horns) adds spice to their musical recipe.”Hitchin’ a Ride” and “Good Riddance (Time of YourLife),” the two songs played frequently on MTV and radio, areexamples of the album’s musical diversity. Green Day retainstheir punk reputation with lightning-fast guitar and defiant lyrics.Many of the songs, however, are reminiscent of the hit, “When ICome Around,” with catchy lyrics, driving rhythms and mellow guitarsounds. If “Dookie” topped your musical charts,”Nimrod” will be sure to make your ears happy. I wouldrecommend making this album a part of anyone’s music collection.

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