Green Eyes, Blond Hair

6 June 2019

Asa majestic sunset commenced, I was held captive in the necromancy of existence.The profound meaning of life entered my consciousness – custard-filled doughnut.I shall never be the same … I realize that many high school seniorsstruggle to portray themselves as graduate students in their writing assignments.That is why, in my analysis of myself, I will be honest and straightforward: nocliches, no profound revelations, no uses of “stauropegian” outof context. In this profile, you will meet the true Nicole Soboleski – strengths,weaknesses, life transformations and personality quirks – all the factors for agreen-eyed, blond-haired girl with a distinctly silly laugh. Although somemay find it demeaning, I take great pride in calling myself “a nerd.” Iwatch C-Span in my spare time. I listen to books on tape in my car. I attendleadership camps during my summers. Last Christmas, I asked for a TI-86calculator. My friends found it amusing, to say the least. I say this because Iconsider my nerdish qualities to be my greatest strengths. Knowledge is aneternal marathon; my desire to learn is insatiable. To place a price tag on newinformation and experiences would be impossible. I want to know, I ask, I search,I read, I listen. Along with my inherent curiosity comes my greatestweakness – my inability to set time aside for myself. When it is one in themorning, and I am diligently running my capped pen over the two hundred and fiftythird page of A Brief History of Spanish Literature, I need to pause and ask,Nicole, what are you doing? Although I try to limit these situations to rareoccasions, it was my sophomore year that taught me the greatest of life’slessons. My list of activities was emotionally overbearing, homework was a chore,and math class was a burden. I had changed from a resilient, spirited girl to adepressed, unhappy chump. What did I learn? From that point onward, Iwould dedicate myself to my priorities and make better use of my time. Sincethen, I have made great improvements in schedule strategy – I take only theclasses I have interest in and time for, but most important, I am veryhappy. Beyond the bookish lassie lives a mini diablo. When I get togetherwith friends, or even strangers, my “wild side” surfaces. This sideparticipates in such exciting activities as honking at unknown boys,roller-blading sessions after midnight, and dancing while riding in a Barcelonataxi cab. Harmless, but fulfilling. Who said a nerd doesn’t know how to havefun? Also, I love to travel – that passion accounts for my persistencewith learning Spanish and German, and will lead to several new languages. I wouldbe remiss, however, not to mention what the English language has done for me.Through debates in student congress and speech competitions, I have uncovered amore concerned and artistic side. I could ramble on forever, and dictatemy life’s story, but that would be inconsequential now. Hopefully, you have beenable to get a glimpse of who I am through what I find significant about myself -my strengths, weaknesses, transformations and personality quirks – all themakings of a green-eyed, blond-haired girl who dreams of running for President.

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