Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

10 October 2016

Use all of the time given to ensure you have done a thorough job and that you have your solutions in a clear and logical manner. * You may submit your paper using the digital drop box or by handing it in at the start of class on June 3. Case 1: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Go to the Green Mountain Coffee website at: www. greenmountaincoffee. com/ * Near the bottom of the page – click on “BREWING A BETTER WORLD” * In the side bar to the left, there are 5 items as that contain material for you to read for the case: * FISCAL 2012 REPORT OVERVIEW * RESILIENT SUPPLY CHAIN * SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTS * THRIVING PEOPLE AND COMMUNITIES * click on each of the above 5 items and read the summaries that appear. * YOU DO NOT NEED TO READ THE MATERIAL IN THE SUBTITLES UNDER EACH MAIN HEADING * for example, you do not need to read “ABOUT OUR COMPANY” under the “OVERVIEW” heading Answer the following questions: 1. Assume that in China the only way to get Green Mountain Coffee is via their website.

Based on this assumption, how well does Green Mountain provide the consumer with form, time, place and ownership utility? (40 marks) 2. Give a few examples for each of the following types of competition faced by Green Mountain: direct competition, and competition among substitute goods. (20 marks) 3. Describe how two major economic factor changes might affect Green Mountain’s marketing decisions. Explain each fully. (20 marks) 4. Discuss and explain whether Green Mountain has fulfilled each of the four levels of the social responsibility pyramid. (20 marks)

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