Gridlock’d ( Vondie Curtis-hall ) & Absolute Power ( Clint Eastwood )

4 April 2015
Compares 1997 films’ financing, audience appeal, characters, directorial styles and plots.

The average studio film today costs tens of millions of dollars, while the average independent film exists in a range below $10 million. Such expenditures under both headings have little to do with the genre of film being made, the length of the film, or even the stars of the film in many cases. Many stars will work for less money in an independent film than they will for a studio-made film Bruce Willis appears in the $7 million Pulp Fiction, for instance, while he is usually paid more than that personally for studio-made films like the two Die Hard sequels. The quality of the film produced also bears only some relationship to the amount of money spent/*the aforementioned Pulp Fiction was well-received by critics and audiences alike, while a film costing $70 or $80 million such as Daylight was denigrated by critics and ignored by audiences. What is..

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