2 February 2017

Analyse different ways in which you would establish ground rules with your learners, which underpin behaviour and respect for others. Within my area of teaching in counselling, establishing ground rules early on helps avoid group disruption.

Gravells (2008:7) states ‘Without ground rules, disruption may occur and affect the learning of your group. ’ There are many different types of ground rules that can assist in creating mutual respect from tutor to students and vice a versa.Ground rules can be established in three different ways, the first option is teacher imposed. These are not necessarily negotiable and can be too draconian. The Preparing to teach in the Lifelong Sector website states: “It’s not always recognised that learners can impose ground rules, but they have just as much right to expect appropriate behaviour and actions from the teacher as the teacher has from them. ” The second option is learner imposed ground rules.This gives the learners the most freedom and ownership of ground rules; however I may end up with a set of ground rules that are not appropriate.

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The third option is negotiated ground rules, that are agreed upon by myself and the students. This is the best way to establish ground rules as the two-way process initiates communication between the students and myself and gives a sense of ownership for all. I introduce them on their induction into my class. I ask the students what rules they would like, then as a class, discuss the results.

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