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1 January 2017

The students just mug up the answers and pour it down on the answer sheets. They don’t have to think. In other words, the education system is just feeding with golden spoons and thus in their later lives, they cannot produce what is needed by our country. The interactions between the teacher and the students are also less. The students are not allowed to choose their favorite to study. Every subject is made necessary for the students till 9th class. The education system needs to undergo drastic changes to produce ASSETS for the country.

Even when students go to school they are not interested and enthusiastic that they will learn some new things which would help them in their future life. I hope this article of mine will make some changes somewhere and there the students will get to learn new things. Is IT chain puller of Indian economy? In India IT is basically service oriented. Which means the trend is to master the technologies offered by somebody and to extend the service on that. Export percentage is very low. Take any industry, service is always a very low fraction of the overall revenue flow.

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Beside, Indian manufacturing sides, automobile, Fabrics have contributed largely and more prominently towards the economy. If you see the returns of Share market even a Chicken Selling Firm ( Venkeys) and Gems and Jewelries Firm ( Geetanjali Gems) outperforms the combined gains from top ten IT companies of India. It is a sad part but true. It has given stability of Real estate but thats all. Anybody with a better Idea of proving me wrong? I will be too pleased to be proven wrong though. 2012- A rumor or reality 012, the American science fiction disaster film directed by Roland Emmerich has portrayed catastrophic events unfolding in year 2012. If media reports, scientists and Mayan Calendar are to be believed, the world will end on December 21, 2012. According to a group of people, the natural disasters which have unfolded in the recent past could be 2012 knocking. The Japan earthquake Tsunami and the trail of earthquakes which have been shaking countries since Japan earthquake are all signaling towards the big disaster. The Mayan, Tibetan, African, Vedic, and Hebrew calendars are all in correspondence with the 2012 prediction

Will government’s Lokpal Bill reduce corruption? Congress party is concerned about the fate of the bill and is determined to get the same passed in the Upper House The Congress-led UPA government faces a litmus test in getting the controversial Lokpal Bill passed in the Rajya Sabha after it was approved with a voice vote following a day-long debate in Parliament yesterday. In an interesting turn of events, the government has now decided to introduce the Lokpal Bill in the Upper House tomorrow, which was earlier scheduled to be tabled today.

Confirming the development, MoS in PMO, V Narayanasamy said, “The Lokpal Bill will be tabled in the Rajya Sabha tomorrow. The Congress party is concerned about the fate of the bill and is determined to get the same passed in the Upper House. ” Do you think that government’s Lokpal Bill will reduce corruption? This is quiet disappointing to see how selfish our politicians are. had it been a bill favoring them, it would have been passed without any delay. it took about one year for lok sabha to pass lokpal bill, that too a weak bill. i feel that the lokpal will become another agency of corruption

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