Group Diversity

6 June 2017

Definition: Group diversity is described as the state people of having different races or cultures in a group or organization. Introduction: Group diversity is a hot topic across the workplace for the various reasons. I will be discussing the benefits, risks and technology pertaining to group diversity. Risks: Poor communication between employees can present to be a problem for a workplace with a diverse a group of employees.

Rather its races or cultures, everyone must have some type of background on everyone whose background or culture isn’t rom the host country. Neil Kokemuller of Demand Media stated in his article “It is imperative that companies train employees on cultural awareness and tolerance of differences to encourage them to openly discuss their different viewpoints on things as opposed to avoiding interaction or getting into conflict. ” Conflict between employees will be another risk.

Different races, gender, or culture have a certain way of handling situations that may cause some type of stir within the workplace.

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Mr. Kokemuller states in his article about Negative Impacts of Diversity in the Workplace is “an inability to see where the other person is coming from can prohibit effective resolution of conflicts. When employees feel like they cannot reach a point of agreement in conflict they may give up and simply let the ill feelings fester and create a negative tone. Benefits: A study conducted by Harnessing Workforce Diversity

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