Group Study Is Better Than Self Study

9 September 2016

However as you grow, especially in the secondary and tertiary levels of education, the learning process would become more advanced and complicated. At these stages, it would not be just memorizing facts, but would also involve the understanding of more complicated concepts, theories and formulas while analyzing and solving problems. Such situations often demand a student to seek assistance of others. The members of the study group are often a source of encouragement to a student when his or her motivation starts to decline.

Also in a group environment, students are less likely to procrastinate for the fear of letting down the group; you are prompted to be prepared when the group meets to discuss. This is a major advantage in group study that encourages you to be well organized and prepared for the examinations. Group study also trains the students to stick to the task with respect to the study agenda. As the old saying, “Two heads are better than one head”, the group discussions enable students to gather valuable ideas of other members which they have never considered before.

Group Study Is Better Than Self Study Essay Example

This helps students to broaden their perspectives on subjects. Also group members work collaboratively to solve problems that would exert synergy to handle the task. For example, a complicated analysis can be handled more effectively by four students with their collaborative ideas, in contrast to the effort of a single student. In group discussions, only one student can talk at a time and others should actively listen. This adds a strong auditory dimension to one’s learning experience that promotes him to develop sound study habits.

These discussions also promote students to respect ideas of each other that would help develop their discipline in team behavior. Group studies also encourage students to explain their views and ideas aloud. This helps students, especially the ones who have more introvert characteristics, develop their ability to talk to audiences. Also by listening and speaking to others, students often improve their recall ability and would be able to recall facts better at the exams.

Further, the students often get the opportunity to teach other members when they study in a group. This is a win-win situation which helps one student to reinforce his mastery on the topic while other students would learn it with his help. Also students would be able to cover the gaps such as missed lectures or notes. They can also share the material such as past papers, assignments etc. It also helps students to be more socialized while clearing one’s fears and ambiguities by the positive attitude of the group such as “we can do it together”.

After all studying in a group is more enjoyable and not boring. However it is important that all the members of the group share the common goal of achieving success and stay to the agenda without being distracted. They should respect each other and also should not try to dominate the group. Provided these conditions are satisfied, I conclude that studying in a group is much more effective and advantageous than self studying.

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