Growth of Management Consultants in the United Kingdom

4 April 2015
A look at the development of the consulting business in the United Kingdom.

This paper discusses the growth of management consultants in the United Kingdom and identifies the changes that have been noticed in the role played by consultancy industry. It also examines the changes in the rate of growth this year to find out how the industry is being influenced by the current economic slowdown.
“The management consultancy industry is growing very rapidly in the United Kingdom. The industry has seen tremendous growth in last decade and in the year 2000 despite the slow-down in the world economies; the management consultants mushroomed in the country. A management consultant is a person who offers professional service o businesses and the public in general. It is the job of a management consultant to identify the problem for which he has been contacted. After assessing the problem, he would review the company’s strategies and policies to find out where they might be clashing with the market trends.”

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