Guatemalan History

4 April 2015
Examines development of politics & economics, focusing on 1954 overthrow of Arbenz Guzman, role of CIA & United Fruit Company, revolution, policy of containment.

In the 1980s, Guatemala was an unhappy bit player on the stage of U.S. policy in Central America. While the Reagan Administration was actively engaged in support of the government of El Salvador, and actively fomenting opposition to the Sandinista government of Nicaragua, the public image of successive Guatemalan regimes was so bad that that the Reagan Administration was forced to distance itself from events there. Insurgency and counterinsurgency thus went on in Guatemala, only loosely linked to events elsewhere in Central America, and Guatemala made the news in the United States only sporadically, and usually in the immediate wake of reports of mass repression and widespread slaughter there.
Three decades earlier, however, Guatemala occupied center stage in the Cold War. The rise of a leftist government there…
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